Georgia Post Tracking – Track Georgian Package, Parcel

Georgia Post Tracking - Track Georgian Package, Parcel, Order

Georgia Post Tracking – Georgian mail tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from Georgia POST

Track Georgia Post Parcel Status

Georgia Post Tracking - Track Georgian Package, Parcel, Order

Georgian Post (or Georgian Post) is the national postal service operator. The company was founded at the beginning of the 19th century, constantly improved and grew. Now much has changed, what has remained stable is the maximum range of services and high quality of service. Since 1993, Georgian Post has been part of the UPU.

The delivery service works with parcels weighing up to 30 kg, letters, transports goods and other goods across the territory of states. Expedited delivery is possible within the territory of Georgia and to other countries. The main mode of its implementation is air transport. The level of service is high, the cost of services is affordable. Delivery times will depend on the type of shipment, the workload of the operator.

Georgian Post can be tracked on the official portal of the courier service or through our service. The first option is working, but you will need to translate information from Georgian into your language. The interface of our site is completely english version, so there will be no problems. The search service is available free of charge.

Belgium Post Tracking

Georgia Post tracking

You can check the parcel “Georgian Post” by code through our website . To do this, enter a unique track number in the search bar and send a request to the system for processing. Departure numbers consist of letters and numbers. If there is no information in the system, repeat the request later, be sure to check the spelling of the number.

You don’t need to sign up for the tracking site, but you can do so if you want to be notified when statuses change. 

Sudapost Tracking

Georgian Post Mail Tracking

You can track the parcel of the Georgian Post using the Georgia Post Tracking number, which is issued to all shipments. Registered parcels receive a number, the format of which we will consider below, which can be tracked along the entire route. The rest of the parcels, with free or low shipping costs, receive a track number that can only be tracked along a certain section of the path.

To find out information about the shipment, you can use the official website of the company. To do this, you need to in the upper right corner and enter the number in the “Shipment tracking” panel. It should be borne in mind that tracking is provided only at the time of transportation of the parcel by this company. After the Georgian Post hands over the parcel to the postal operator responsible for delivery on the next leg of the journey, it will be necessary to track the parcel on another resource.

It will be much more convenient to use our service. The service allows you to track the parcel along the entire delivery path, even if the postal operator changes. Automatic identification of the delivery service by track number also greatly simplifies the search for information.

Swiss Post Tracking 

What countries does Georgian Post work with?

The delivery service cooperates with customers from around the world. The cost and timing of the provision of services will largely depend on the remoteness of the delivery point.

Georgia Post tracking number formats

For tracking “Georgian Post” individual track codes are provided. The number will need to be entered in the corresponding line of the system of our website, the request will be processed with a demonstration of the results. Sometimes small letters, packages weighing up to 2 kg are not registered and are not available for tracking. This point can be clarified with the seller.

Georgia Post tracking code format:

  • RA123156785GE – code for small packages that are registered in the system, R means Registered;
  • CD126656785GE – tracking number for parcels up to 20 kg, at the beginning there is always the letter C;
  • EE1234567555GE – express EMS delivery, such shipments are always marked with the letter E.

When searching, make sure that you correctly entered the individual track number. If an error is made, the system will give a notification that the data for your request is not registered.

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Track number format Georgian Post

The number of registered mail items of this service complies with the requirements of the Universal Postal Union, and is a 13-digit alphanumeric format. For example:


Rx – registered postal item weighing no more than 2 kg;
Cx – international parcel (more than 2 kg);
Ex – EMS shipments
x – any letter of the Latin alphabet to make the postal identifier unique.

GE is an abbreviation code indicating delivery by Georgia Post.

Tracking statuses of parcels “Georgian Post”

Georgian Post tracking is available with maximum status detail. Our service will be a convenient, accurate tool for monitoring the status of the movement of shipments. As the status of the package changes, the information will be updated in the system.

After entering the track of the parcel and pressing the search command, the recipient will be able to see the date of registration of the parcel in the system, passing through customs. The detailing service is also free. It is especially relevant in case of loss of the parcel. You will be able to find out where the shipment was last registered. Sometimes a similar error is issued immediately after sending the goods. Wait 2-3 days from the moment you receive the track number from the seller, repeat your request again.

Lithuanian Post Tracking 

Georgia Post parcel tracking statuses

Held by customsსაბაჟო
Customs clearanceსაბაჟო განბაჟება
Out for Deliveryგამოსული მიწოდებისთვის
Arrived at office of exchangeმივიდა გაცვლის ოფისში
Arrived at Post Officeფოსტაში ჩავიდა
Sent to destination countryგაგზავნილია დანიშნულების ქვეყანაში
Returned from customsსაბაჟოდან დაბრუნებული
Unsuccessful deliveryწარუმატებელი მიწოდება
Sent from abroadგაგზავნილია საზღვარგარეთიდან
Received at office of exchangeმიღებულია გაცვლის ოფისში
Received by post officeმიღებულია საფოსტო ოფისის მიერ
Received at sorting centerმიღებული დახარისხების ცენტრში
Sent from office of exchangeგაგზავნილია გაცვლის ოფისიდან
Sent from sorting centerგაგზავნილი დახარისხების ცენტრიდან
Avalilable to pick up/ Addressee is informedაგაილდაღებულია ასაღებად/ ადრესატის ინფორმირება

About Georgia Post

Georgian Post (Georgian Post) is the national postal company of Georgia. The history of Georgian mail begins with the entry of Georgia into the Russian Empire, in 1805 the first post office was opened in Tbilisi. Since 1922, the postal system of the USSR operated on the territory of Georgia. After secession from the Soviet Union in 1991, Georgia founded its own postal service, and in 1993 became a member of the UPU – the Universal Postal Union.

Georgian Post accepts letters, parcels (up to 30 kg) for dispatch, transports goods within the state. Expedited EMS delivery is also possible on the territory of Georgia. International delivery is carried out by air transport. Tracking the passage of parcels can be done on the official website of the Georgian Post and using our service. The network of post offices in Georgia is not very extensive, the addresses of post offices are also listed on the official website. Post office hours are from 10:00 to 17:00. The rating of the Georgian Post is quite high. The delivery time for parcels, in particular from China, is an average of 20 days.

Georgia Post Reviews

RA1********LV received within 30 days

The parcel was delivered in 30 days, in excellent condition, by AliExpress Standard Shipping, Latvian Post and Georgia Post.

— June 10th, posted by alterego15solo

RA1********LV received in 25 days

The parcel was delivered by AliExpress Standard Shipping, Georgian and Latvian post. Delivered within a month. Parcel condition is excellent.

— June 10th, posted by alterego15solo

RR0********GE received in 12 days

Got the package. In Russia it was much faster than in Georgia. No complaints. It's nice that you can track the delivery

— 2 June, wrote e_sofia

EE0********RU received in 16 days

My envelope rolled around Moscow for a week and was not sent to the addressee! The third unsuccessful experience of using the Russian Post. An invitation from Germany was brought to Samara in two days! instead of Moscow. From there they drove two months! Lost purchased tickets due to the inability to obtain a visa. The documents were not delivered to the traffic police of the Voronezh region at all and returned back. Sent via DHL. Arrived, picked up and delivered in two days.

— February 27, wrote leonid.ryzhov

EE0********RU received in 8 days

I tracked the parcel in the Russian mail application, it left the Russian Federation weighing 6.95 kg, and after transit through Belarus it became 5.20 kg. Naturally, a few things were stolen. The package showed that it had been opened. Unfortunately, they refused to make a detailed inventory at the Russian post office, because it was "too long." Now you can't prove anything. My advice is to make a detailed inventory and wrap it in several layers of film to avoid such incidents. There are no complaints about the delivery time.

— 1st of February, wrote shizowolf

Georgian Post tracking official website :

Georgian post tracking

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