LA Poste Tracking – France Post Parcel Package Status

LA Poste Tracking - France Post Parcel Package Status

La poste Tracking – France post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from FRANCE POST

Track La Poste Parcel Status

LA Poste Tracking - France Post Parcel Package Status

French Post is the national postal operator of France, which provides customers with the services of forwarding items within the country or abroad. There are standard and courier delivery. Since the company is part of the EMS cooperative, it is engaged in sending urgent parcels.

The rules of the courier service are standard. According to international regulations, there is a ban on the shipment of psychotropics, explosives, and narcotic drugs. All these rules are strictly observed.

La Poste tracking is available on the official website, in French. Since it is not always convenient to use a translator, we suggest using the services of our website. Enter the track number in the quick search bar and see the results. The data in the system is constantly updated, there should be no problems.

French Post tracking

To track the shipment by track number , a quick search bar is provided on the main page of the site . Enter a unique identifier there, click the “Track” button. The system will instantly process the request and give you the finished results. Basic information:

  • where is the departure located;
  • how many days will be on the way;
  • expected date of arrival, etc.

It is not necessary to register in the system to receive information, but if you want to receive notifications about changes in the status of a shipment, you will need to create an account. You can add several numbers at once to track the French Post service and other organizations. For France post, tracking is available in real time. The data is constantly updated, but sometimes with a slight delay. In this case, repeat the request in 1-2 days.

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What countries does French Post work with?

An international courier company works with clients from all over the world. Shipping times and service charges will vary. 

La poste tracking number formats

French Post delivers all types of mail. Up to 2 kg – these are small packages, more than 2 kg – parcels. Shipments from France less than 2 kg may not be tracked – go without a tracking number.

Parcel formats:

  • Rx123455785FR – small packages;
  • Cx113456785FR – items up to 20 kg;
  • Ex123456755FR – express delivery.

R is a package registration indicator in the system, EMC mail is marked with the letter E. The numbers are a unique set of characters to identify the package.

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Available La poste tracking methods for parcels

For greater convenience, this postal service provides its customers with the ability to track the delivery of an order in real time, which is especially important when waiting for international parcels. It is always possible to track a parcel of almost any type, with the exception of a standard letter, which makes the services of the French Post extremely convenient.

There are several ways to track the shipment, which allows you to choose the most suitable option for each user. The first involves using the official website of the company. To do this, you will need to follow the following instructions:

1. Go to the website of the postal service;
2. Find the “Acces Rapides” section in the upper left corner;
3. Click on it, in the menu that appears, you will need to find the section “Livraisons et Retours”;
4. It should go to the item “Suivre un envoi”;
5. Then you need to enter the LA Poste tracking number and click “Rechercher”. Then it remains only to familiarize yourself with the information received.

An alternative way to quickly track any French Post shipment is the service.

It allows you to automatically detect any delivery service with which the parcel was sent, as well as effectively track the status of the order even when changing the postal operator. A big plus is that the service works in English, because it allows you to make the search for the necessary information much more convenient.

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France post track number formats

To effectively track France Post parcels using various services, a track number is used (for international shipments) or the code indicated on the receipt (for domestic shipments). The format of the used mail identifier provides for the indication of a letter before a further combination of numbers:


· “R” – for items whose weight does not exceed 2 kg;
“C” – parcels weighing 2-20 kg;
· “E” – for EMS shipments.

It should be mentioned that the track number, in addition to the first letter, provides for the presence of 9 digits, which make it possible to guarantee the uniqueness of the assigned code. The letter FR closes the combination of characters, which reflects the country of the postal service.

Standard delivery times and shipment status

The French postal service is highly efficient, which is reflected in the short delivery times compared to many other organizations of this type. Shipments within the country require from 1 to 2 days, while a parcel sent abroad arrives in a period of 1 to 5 days.

It should be noted that the duration of delivery may be affected by third-party factors, customs authorities, the route of transportation of correspondence. When tracking a shipment, the user may encounter various delivery statuses that will be displayed in French. The main ones include:

Votre colis a quitté le pays d’origine – the parcel has left the country of origin;
· Tri effectué dans l’agence de départ – the order is processed in the sorting center;
· Envoi entré dans le pays de destination – the postal item has arrived in the country of destination.

Please note that the status may not be updated for some time. This is due to the peculiarities of the postal service and is not a serious problem. A few days after arrival in the country of destination, the parcel will be delivered to the recipient.

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France Post parcel tracking statuses

The individual track number of La Poste allows you to check the parcels and find out exactly where they are. At each stage of the route, data is entered into a single tracking system. When the shipment is accepted at the sorting point, the status “Acceptance” is reflected in the database. The recipient of an online store order can enter the number provided to him by the manager and see what information is actually contained in the system.

Shipments are processed in the sorting center, the relevant data is immediately recorded in the system. Customs clearance is required. The last status indicates the delivery of the parcel to the recipient. Detailing on the status of the shipment from the point of dispatch to the point of receipt will be maximum.

France Post parcel tracking statuses

Votre colis est arrivé dans le pays de destinationYour package has arrived in the destination country
Votre colis est dédouanéYour package is being cleared through customs
Votre colis a été déposé à un point postalYour package has been dropped off at a postal point
Départ de FranceDeparture from France
Votre colis est arrivé à son site de distributionYour package has arrived at its distribution site
Prix en chargePrice in charge
Votre colis est arrivéYour package has arrived
Arrivé en FranceArrived in France
Votre colis est arrivé en FranceYour package has arrived in France
Votre colis sera mis à disposition au point de retrait choisi par le destinataireYour package will be made available at the pick-up point chosen by the recipient
Votre colis est en cours de préparation pour la livraisonYour package is being prepared for delivery
Livraison terminéeDelivery completed
En cours de traitementBeing processed
Tentative de livraison infructueuseUnsuccessful delivery attempt
Arrivée bureau de livraison pays de destinationArrival delivery office destination country
Fold présentéFold presented
En attente d’une deuxième présentationWaiting for second presentation
Votre colis ne peut actuellement pas être livré à son destinataire, l’adresse de livraison étant incomplète. Le destinataire peut contacter notre service client pour faire les ajouts nécessaires, en cliquant sur « Contactez-nous en ligne ».Your package cannot currently be delivered to its recipient, the delivery address being incomplete. The recipient can contact our customer service to make the necessary additions, by clicking on “Contact us online”.
Sortie de la douaneExit from Customs
Entrée en douaneCustoms entry
colis en cours de livraisonpackage in course of delivery
Colis en attenteParcel waiting
Votre colis est prêt à être expédié, il sera livré à La PosteYour package is ready to be shipped, it will be delivered to La Poste
Votre colis a été inspecté par les autorités douanières, il est livréYour package has been inspected by the customs authorities, it is delivered
Colis mis à disposition au point de collecteParcels made available at the collection point
Colis bloqué : numéro de téléphone du destinataire manquant ou incorrectParcel blocked: recipient’s telephone number missing or incorrect
Colis entré dans le pays de destinationParcel entered in the country of destination
Colis livré au destinataire au point de collecteParcel delivered to the recipient at the collection point
Colis dédouanéCustoms cleared package
Votre colis et/ou son étiquette sont endommagés. Votre colis est en cours de traitementYour package and/or its label are damaged. Your package is being processed
Colis arrivé à l’agence de service après-venteParcel arrived at the after-sales service agency
Votre colis est arrivé au point de collecteYour package has arrived at the collection point
Dédouanement en coursCustoms clearance in progress
Votre colis a subi une erreur de tri, il a maintenant repris sa livraisonYour package has suffered a sorting error, it has now resumed its delivery


La poste tracking Official site:

About La Poste

The priority areas of service for La Poste are not only the interior regions of France, but also its overseas territories, which include Guadeloupe, Martinique and others. In addition to the delivery of various shipments and parcels, the company provides the population with financial services, the ability to make money transfers and other operations.

The internal rules of this organization provide for the division of all shipments into several main categories, among which it is advisable to mention the following points:

non-urgent parcels (ecopil) – packed in standard postal envelopes, delivery time is 3-5 days;
registered letter (distingo suivi) – provides for a simplified registration process, sent in waterproof envelopes;
· a letter-envelope of a registered type, called prêt-a-recommander suivi, used for short notices, contains the addresses of the sender / recipient on one side and the text on the back.

Also noteworthy are the parcels with a return receipt, the official name of which is lettre recommandee avec accusé de reception. It is important to remember that according to the internal rules of this delivery service, all items that weigh less than 3 kg are considered letters. If this indicator is exceeded, they will be included in the category of parcels, which will lead to an increase in the cost of shipping.

In addition to La Poste, there are several subsidiaries that have a narrower specialization. First of all, this is Chronopost, which delivers express shipments, as well as Colissimo, which sends various parcels. The characteristic features of the organization are considered to be short delivery times, a responsible attitude to customer parcels.

Mention should be made of the availability of insurance services, which are most often used for sending valuable items and require an additional fee. Having paid a small amount, the client may not worry that his shipment will be lost, in any case, he will receive monetary compensation.

France Post Reviews

RR1********RU received in 12 days

Sending to France. Received in 12 days. I was regularly informed about the status of the package. The process went smoothly and without problems. I want to thank the Russian Post and the French Post La Poste for their efficient work. Thanks!!!

— July 16, wrote ludmilla.malakhova

CP2********PL received in 9 days

The parcel arrived in 9 days. Was pleasantly surprised. The contents of the package are ok. The packaging is not broken.

— the 14 th of July, wrote belenkaya.svetlana16

EW1********FR received in 22 days

Parcel France – Ukraine was tracked perfectly. Arrived in 22 days without damage. Thank you. We were pleasantly surprised.

— July, 12, wrote marinasgj7

RK6********FR received in 56 days

It was not possible to track the parcel from France to the Russian border for 46 days. She filed an application for a search in la poste – some promises, in fact, nothing. When, nevertheless, the parcel ended up at the border and crossed the Russian border, from that moment there were no problems. The message has arrived. She could be tracked. Thank you for the e-mail alerts to the service where the and the Russian post for the fast delivery. Problems and ambiguities arose only on the territory of the European Union. Everything was staged in Russia👍

— July 6, wrote Akselina

RK4********FR received in 29 days

Thanks to the site WherePackage, I received regular notifications about the letter that I was waiting for. A letter from France to Perm took 29 days.

— June 24, wrote svetlana.iurkova20

CL1********RU received in 21 days

I want to thank the Russian Post and its French colleagues for their work in delivering my package, which I received on June 1, 2022 safe and sound. Have a nice day to you all and stay healthy.

— June 8, written by mariagorlier885

EY6********FR received in 22 days

Everything is fast enough despite all sorts of problems with logistics in wartime, from France to Odessa straight home in 22 days!

— 2 June, wrote victor.globalf

EK2********FR received in 28 days

The parcel sent from France was on the way for 1 month. During this period, it was impossible to track where the parcel was from France, only thanks to your company and the site where the parcel was, we were able to track our parcel. For 3 weeks, at our request, we always received a message from you with explanations and step-by-step actions where the parcel is sent. We are very grateful to you for your service and for your support with the client, this is important for us, since other companies, when requested, can track the parcel in general did not give out information. We thank you for the service that you provided to us and recommend you as a reliable company.

— April 24, wrote ontec7

RA1********RU received in 17 days

Throughout the journey, even in these difficult times, the tracking of the letter was carried out with the utmost conscientiousness. Distinguished service.

— March 22, written by andrei.legki

EY6********FR received in 15 days

Delivered on time, everything is whole! Important information for those who order parcels by this delivery method – after passing through customs, the message “the parcel is being returned to the sender” appears. Do not be afraid, this is a translation error (in Israel this is true, it happens to me every time EMS is delivered). Also, tell the sender that the correct phone number must be indicated (I missed / did not fit the last digit in the line), this simplifies and does not delay delivery. Make sure that you pay tax only through the link in the mail message or by phone mail – beware of scammers!

— March 13, wrote anat_ioffe

RO0********RU received in 12 days

Throughout the journey, the letter was tracked with utmost conscientiousness. Information about his movement was provided regularly.

— March 1, written by andrei.legki

8K0**********19 received in 32 days

The parcel was ,, delivered ,, open. There were gifts and sweets for the children for the New Year. The complaint was left immediately, but no response. A SHAME

— 24 February, wrote Nune

CB0********RU received in 20 days

The parcel was in excellent condition. Tracking service, too, satisfied. A big thank you to everyone involved in organizing the delivery.

— February 6, wrote tatiana.limoges

RQ1********UZ received in 8 days

This is a good site that helped track the track of a parcel, shipments from Uzbekistan to France. In Uzbekistan, the track was lost somewhere in Kyiv, but the track was found on the website GdePosylka and all updates were sent to e-mail. Thank you!

— 1st of February, posted by a.nalarein

CC0********FR not received in 60 days

La poste, I don’t advise you to send a parcel through them, I sent it to my mother in Israel, I haven’t heard anything about her for 3 months, they don’t return the money, nor the parcel itself, I don’t recommend

— January 23, wrote mironsveta9

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