Don’t Renew With Net4 India | Net4 India Review

Net4 India is another hosting company which provides hosting,domain name service.Net4 is the worst hosting company which I have ever faced.Net4 claims that they are the cheapest hosting company with quality service.But the reality is totally different,they don’t even update their site.If you check their site you can probably see any update almost after 4 to 5 months interval.

Don’t Renew Domain With Net4 India

Why Net4 should be ignored ? I haven’t seen any positive side of Net4 from the day one of my purchase.I can list some of the weak sides of Net4 :

Bad Hosting Service : Though you will get Net4 basic hosting package with 250mb space / Unlimited data transfer at just Rs.30/month but still you are losing your money.Your site downs automatically and not open anymore.They never notify you for any server maintenance, if you call them their customer representatives can’t understand your problem and it increases your phone bill.

Poor Cpanel : Those who used Net4 they know the Cpanel,it looks like simple billing account and hard to find all necessary tools.I say its not a control panel but an ordinary site dashboard.

Dull-Headed Support Team : Net4 support team don’t even know how to first approach their customer.If you want answer from them they will ask question to you ! its funny ! Its looks you are supporting them.Most of the representatives are rude and not friendly.

Last but not the least Net4 provides you one bullshit CRNID at the time of purchasing service with them.I don’t why they use this CRNID as a login credential. If somehow you lost the CRNID you won’t get any help from them.

Okay,above just was little introduction about Net4,your site’s black day starts if you choose their service.

Don’t renew with them :Like I said they don’t update their site and your account too.If you renew for hosting or domain name you will still see the same date.When the date is passed they notify,your domain has expired.When you go for renew for the second time they charge almost Inr.8000/- per domain (almost $140).

I have shared which I have experienced with them,you can take your own risk paying money to them.I don’t recommend Net4 at all to anyoone.

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