Arshopee.Com Is A Fraud Online Shopping Site

arshopeecom is a fraud online shopping site

Online shopping is now very easy way to purchase something staying at home,people are just one click away from their desire product.There are several payment methods available (Debit card,Credit card,Netbanking,Paypal etc) to make payment to the particular shopping site.People are crazy to purchase from online and thats the reason you can see everyday new shopping sites are launching to offer more cheap price.

Okay, that above part is just introduction about online shopping site and you can easily understand shopping areas if you are a regular customer of any shopping site.Today I am not going discuss about the necessary steps before purchasing item from online but to alert you from one site that is

I don’t know whether you have heard this name before or not,if you don’t have any experience with this shopping site and you like to try new offer then you should read the rest of this is a very new online shopping site which offer very cheap price and mostly combo items daily.

About Arshopee – Arshopee is a online shopping site which main office located in Noida,but now you can’t see their address as they have removed it from their footer part so that user can’t get their office address.Arshopee is registered with Godaddy with dedicated server and the registration date – 2014-09-03.The name of the owner is Arun Chauhan.

Why Arshopee is Fraud : Ok,you got the Arshopee site details now lets go to main section.This shopping site is 100% fake and fraud which is already proven when my friend he purchased a combo offer from them.You will never understand their fraud policy until you made a transaction with them.

1. Fake Profile Activation Charge : My friend registered and made profile entering full address details as the product will be sent to the address.But after making payment the entire loophole got more transparent,the very next day one of the customer care executives informed that they can’t send the item as my friend’s profile has not been activated yet.Its not necessary to tell that this is the first sign of fraud activities,you will never find any online shopping site which charges you to activate your account .Arshopee charged extra Rs.3000 for profile activation but my friend never accepted this deal and wanted for refund.

2. FakeEMI Installment  : It was promised to him that the entire amount will be deducted by 12 months EMI basis but when he completed the payment he found that there is no EMI system and money deducted fully.

3. Product Might Different : One of the customer care executives informed him that if the parcel is sent then they never guarantee that the same product will be delivered.According to them its not necessary to send all displayed product when its combo offer.

4. Deny Return After Receiving : If someone returns item for refund issue then they receive returned item but pretend that they didn’t receive and never refund the money.

5. Never Update Site :You can see the same homepage and account activities,even when you ordered something they write instantly it has been delivered.

6. Same Email Reply : For any kind of email query and conversion they send the same email format and don’t change the reply answer according to the query.They just copy and paste the traditional format to each and every customer.

What My friend Did To Get Refund – My friend he wanted refund but Arshopee deny to refund and promised that they will send the parcel within 5 days.Now it was little hope for him but Arshopee neither sent parcel or received any phone call from him.It continued more than 40 days over the phone as sometimes they received and made fake promise.Now it reached in extreme level and my friend forced to refund within 5 days otherwise he threat saying that he will file a case against Arshopee with the help of consumer forum.But still he got no reply from Arshopee regarding refund.Finally he wrote final email saying that the owner and the company itself will come under consumer forum action.Arshopee replied that the refund will be done via the payment gateway and it will be processed soon.My friend he got his refund after a long fight with them and advise everyone not to attend any promotional offer call and purchase with them.

If you have same experience with another fraud shopping site then please share with Latestweb4 as it will help others,even you may get the solution.

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