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China Post parcel tracking status

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China Post Tracking : Ems Epacket Tracking

China Post is the official Chinese postal service. It offers its clients financial and logistics services. Its services include mail delivery (both domestic and international), express mail delivery, postal money order services, logistics, parcel delivery, and EMS delivery. China Post operates in many countries – it delivers goods and purchases not only within China, but throughout the world. Her work is comparable to USPS .


You can track a package from China in different ways. At the moment, the following methods of carrying out the corresponding operation are known:

  • on our website;
  • through specialized mobile applications Google play and App Store ;
  • on the official page of the china postal service.

Tracking packages from China is free. This option can be used by anyone. As a rule, the operation is carried out either by the sender of the goods or by its recipient.

Tracking packages from China stores

When buying from online stores in China, you get a tracking number from the seller. With this tracking number, you can track where your parcel is at any time. Tracking should be looked for in your personal account in the generated order or in the information about the outgoing parcel.

If the seller did not provide information about sending the package, then this means that the goods have not yet been sent or the seller did not indicate that he sent the order. After ordering, you need to persistently ask for a tracking number, since in most cases it is one of the arguments in disputes and refunds from unscrupulous sellers.

You can track packages from any stores in China, for example:

  • AliExpress
  • GearBest
  • The panda
  • Joom


To track the parcel, you only need the track number of the parcel. Once you receive it:

  1. Use the search bar at the top of this page;
  2. Enter the track number (track code) in the search box without using hyphens or spaces;
  3. Click the Search button;
  4. View tracking history and information about the status of your package.

Types of track numbers from China (China Post)

Each mail item registered in China is assigned a unique track number that meets the S10 standard. It consists of 13 characters – four letters and nine numbers.

Track numbers usually start with R, C, E, A or L and end with the letters CN. For example: RV433264709CN .

The initial letters of the track code indicate the method of delivery, here are some of them:

  • R – Registered Air Mail RR123476780CN, RI999654321CN, RW000000000CN – China Post Air Mail. This type of shipment can be tracked in most countries;
  • C – Registered Surface Mail CP423459780CN. Such mail takes longer to deliver than Registered Air Mail;
  • E or A – Parcels sent by China Post EMS EE423155780CN, EA087671324CN. Higher rates and faster shipping;
  • L – Parcels sent by ePacket China Post LK827456580CN, LN467604321CN, LM770456799CN, LX000000000CN;
  • UD000000000CN – China Post Small Packet Plus;
  • A000000000HK – simplified parcels created jointly with Aliexpress and Russian Post ;
  • VR000000000YP , UR000000000YP – Yanwen shipments , most often receive an additional tracking number;

In addition to these types of registered mail, there is also “Unregistered Mail” (simple mail). The parcel of a simple shipment receives a track number, which can only be used to track the parcel in China. Once the parcel leaves the borders of China, it cannot be tracked;

U – Standard Mail UP753203568CN, UW653203568CN. For this type of delivery, you can see the date when the parcel left the post office, but it is not possible to track its further path.

These are just a few examples of postal tracking numbers for tracking packages from China. You need to clarify them with the sender of the goods.

How to track a parcel from China with tracking number on the China Post official website?

Tracking of China Post mail is carried out through the official page of this postal service on the Internet. To find out where the package is currently located, you will need:

  1. Open China Post website. For ease of navigation through the portal, it is recommended to use an online translator.
  2. Check out the Tracking section. It may be located in the “Online Services” block.
  3. Enter the track number in the line that appears.
  4. Click on the button responsible for starting the search for information about the postal item.

Information about the location of the cargo should appear on the screen. Instead of a track number, the use of a declaration number is allowed. It is assigned to parcels purchased through online stores. If you do not want to deal with the English or Chinese interface, you can simply track the shipment on our website.

How to track a China Post parcel without a tracking number?

If you can’t find the track number, here are a few ways to track your items:

  • If you are the sender, please contact the recipient and check if the package has been received. Ideally, this should only be done after the Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) has elapsed;
  • If the recipient has not received the package, please contact the courier company in the country of destination. Tell them the delivery details so they can track it;
  • If you are the recipient, please contact the seller, provide them with the order number, which you can find on the receipt or in the purchase confirmation email, and ask them to provide you with the appropriate tracking number.

Where to track a package from China using a code without letters

In some cases, the standard track numbers of goods change slightly – they do not have Latin letters in the record. It’s not that big of a problem. You can still find out the location of the postal item.

Why can’t I track my China Post package?

In most cases, this is due to the fact that the seller has not yet collected or sent the package. Also, the seller could assign a track number to your package, provided by third parties through CDEK , SF Express , Nova Poshta , Joom , Etsy , eBay , WISH , Amazon , Ikea , Taobao , Tmall , Alibaba , JD and other delivery services, but still do not send a parcel.

Other possible reasons why the parcel cannot be tracked:

  • You use the order number instead of the tracking number. For the correct tracking number, check the delivery confirmation email received from the seller.
  • The seller sent the package and provided you with a tracking code, but the status of the package has not been updated by China Post yet. Expect 2 days later to receive a delivery confirmation email and then check the status again.
  • The seller provided the wrong track code. Contact him, tell him your order number and ask him to find the correct track number for your package.
  • Your parcel is sent by ordinary mail, so it can only be tracked in China.

What to do if the parcel from China is not tracked?

If the postal item is not tracked, do not panic – most parcels from China cannot be “seen” after they cross the border.

You can try to contact the postal service or use the “” service for checking the location of the goods. If this does not help, it is recommended to just wait. Untracked mail items reach recipients quite successfully over time.

What does the tracking status “Opening” mean in China Post?

This status means that your parcel is going through customs clearance.
Why is the status of my parcel stuck at the stage “Departure from the outgoing exchange point”?
This status usually means one of two things:

  • The status of your package has not been updated yet. In this case, you must try again in two days, and then you will see the updated status.
  • Your package has left China and cannot be traced because the destination country does not support worldwide tracking via China Post, or the shipping method does not support tracking outside of China.

What does PVG/PEK/FOC/CAN status mean when tracking a parcel?

These statuses mean that your parcel passes through one of the following airports:

  • PVG – Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
  • PEK – Beijing Capital International Airport.
  • FOC – Fuzhou Changle International Airport.
  • CAN – Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.


China Post Registered Air Mail: This is a low-cost shipping service that you can use when your package is not urgently needed. International parcels sent by China Post Registered Air Mail arrive within 2-4 weeks.

China Post International Small Parcel: This service delivers light parcels (up to 2 kg) from China to other countries. The total length, width and depth of the package must be less than 90 cm, and the size of the package must not exceed 60 cm. There are two types of small packages: Ordinary Small Packet Plus is cheaper but without tracking, while registered mail more expensive, but with the function of tracking the package via the Internet.

What is Unregistered China Post?

This shipping service is used for packages that require tracking only while they are in transit through China. Parcels sent through Unregistered China Post are not registered at all transit points, and once they cross the border of the country, the sender will not be able to track them.

However, if you are sending mail or parcels to Kazakhstan, you will be able to track them, since the national postal service KazPost supports international tracking of any regular mail entering the country.

Parcels of Unregistered China Post also receive a track number consisting of 13 alphanumeric characters. But its structure is different – the code starts with U and ends with CN. For example: UG55554444CN.


Estimated delivery time for different services

ServicesOrdinary Mail (regular departure) (days)Registered Mail (registered mail) (days)EUB (days)EMS (days)
Shelf life at the seller before shippingfifteen131312
Time of collection and dispatch to the destination2 – 52 – 52 – 512
Shipping days from China to destination country15 – 405 – 203 – 153 – 7
Time on the way to delivery to the local post office2 – 103 – 52 – 312
Total21 – 6012 – 3512 – 287 – 15

Tracking shipments is an important process before receiving it directly. The waiting period for Chinese postal items depends on many factors. For example, from:

  • recipient country;
  • chosen delivery method;
  • seasons and holidays.

The thing is that delivery is difficult on weekends and holidays. It is also worth considering that before major celebrations (New Year, Christmas, and so on), the load on post offices increases significantly. Because of this, there is a delay in the delivery of shipments. Insist seller choose EUB/ePacket shipping, otherwise package will be delivered by China Post Standard Mail within 60-80 days.


Destination countryOrdinary Mail (regular departure) (days)Registered Mail (registered mail) (days)EUB/ePacket (days)EMS (days)
Great Britain30-9010-6010-257-15
New Zealand20-607-1510-257-15
Saudi Arabia30-6030-6015-457-20
South Africa30-9010-357-207-20

Large international parcels China Post

With this service, China Post transports and delivers packages weighing from 2 kg to 30 kg. You can choose regular or registered shipment – the standard shipping mode does not include package tracking, whereas if you register your package, you will be able to track it to its destination.

Delivery time depends on the method of transportation – air parcel, combined type of delivery (sea, land, air) or ground parcel (land and sea).

Delivery times for air parcels:

  • Countries bordering China: 5-10 days.
  • Europe, USA and Canada: 7-15 days
  • Mexico, Central and South America: 10-20 days
  • Africa and other countries or regions: 15-30 days.

Delivery time by combined type, for any dimensions: 15-20 days

Ground delivery time to any destination: 1-2 months

How to send a parcel to China

You can apply for a return of a postal item from China either at the post office (you will need to fill out a paper application) or through the mobile application of the corresponding postal operator.

If desired, the recipient can call the call center of the delivery service and issue a refusal there. This is an unpopular technique, but it still exists in practice.

Also, if you speak Chinese, you can find out how to send a package using China Post on their official website, on this page , and also here .

Attention: it is not possible to refuse the parcel after its official receipt.

What items are prohibited from being sent by China Post?

If you want to ship items via China Post, please make sure they are not in the following categories:

  • liquids;
  • magnetic items or items with batteries inside;
  • explosives, salutes, firecrackers, firearms and ammunition (including imitations);
  • anesthesia injection guns, steel ball guns, tear gas guns;
  • daggers, three-sided scrapers, knives with automatic blade ejection (automatic knives) and other similar knives.
  • electroshock devices;
  • compressed, liquefied gas and their cylinders;
  • toxic, flammable, explosive or asphyxiating gases;
  • oxidizers and peroxides, flammable liquids or solids, and substances that are flammable in contact with water;
  • toxic and infectious substances, biochemical products, radioactive materials, etc.
  • drugs, drugs and chemicals;
  • counterfeit goods and goods that violate intellectual property rights;
  • endangered wild animals and products made from them;
  • espionage equipment.

How to change the shipping address?

If you entered the wrong shipping address for your package, or if you have since moved to a new address, China Post will not be able to change it. However, you can contact the local courier in the country of destination, provide them with a tracking number, delivery details and ask to change the delivery address.


If you live in China, you can contact China Post at 11185. You can also request information from your local post office.

If you live abroad, you can contact China Post at (+86) 10-11183 or email:

China post website:


Postal address for communication:

3 Financial Street
Xicheng District
100808 China

China Post Tracking Status

已封发Sealed, sent, 
已出口开拆, opened, opened 
已出口直封for export , 
移交海关handed over to the customs 
已开拆, opened and 
到达arrived , 
计划交航planned to be delivered to the 
邮政局试投post office, trial investment, 
已出口互封(国内经转)export mutual sealing (domestic transfer), 
邮政局已妥投post office has been properly invested 
已进口互封(国内经转), import mutual sealing (domestic transfer), 
已进口开拆imported Opening and dismantling 
正在投递is being delivered , 
已妥投it has been properly put in for 
安检退回security inspection, it has been returned for 
试投trial investment 
已进口开拆,备注(退回), it has been imported and dismantled, remarks (returned) 
已退回have been returned 
退回,备注(安检不合格)and returned, remarks (unqualified in security inspection) 
已出口开拆,备注(安检退回)have been exported and opened, remarks (returned by security inspection) 
已转have been transferred and 
退回,备注(无人领取)returned, remarks (no one has received) 
已进口开拆,备注(小包)It has been opened for import, remark (small package) 
已进口开拆,备注(16,21)has been opened and opened at import, remark (16, 21) 
已出口开拆,备注(16,21)has been opened and opened for export, remark (16, 21) 
已出口开拆,备注(退回)has been opened and opened at export, remark (return) is 
退回,备注(其他)returned, and remark (other) 
已开拆,备注(退回)has been opened and opened, Remarks (returned) 
退回,备注(地址欠详)returned, remarks (address is not detailed) 
已交航空公司运输has been handed over 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号TRUCK-QR815-149,计划起飞时间23:30to the airline for transportation, planned to be handed over to the airline for transportation, the planned flight number is TRUCK-QR815-149, the planned departure time is 23:30, 
目的国海关放行the destination country customs has released 
已出口开拆,备注(附验)it and it has been exported and opened, remarks (attached inspection) 
退回,备注(48)returned, remark (48) 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CA721,计划起飞时间01:30planned to be transported by the airline, planned flight number CA721, planned departure time 01:30 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CA839,计划起飞时间16:40planned to be delivered to the airline for transportation, planned flight number CA839, planned departure time 16:40
退回,备注(邮件错发)Return, remark (email sent by mistake) 
海关验关Customs inspection 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号KE0828,计划起飞时间12:45plan to be handed over to the airline for transportation, planned flight number KE0828, planned departure time 12:45 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号MU727,计划起飞时间15:50planned to be handed over to the airline for transportation, planned flight number MU727, planned departure time 15:50 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CZ355,计划起飞时间14:15planned to be handed over to the airline for transportation, Planned flight number CZ355, scheduled departure time 14:15 
已离开,下一站处理中心has left, the next stop processing center is 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号OZ350-OZ793,计划起飞时间14:50scheduled to be delivered to the airline, scheduled flight number OZ350-OZ793, scheduled departure time 14:50 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号TK021-792,计划起飞时间06:45Scheduled to be delivered to the airline for transportation, scheduled flight number TK021-792 , the planned departure time is 06:45, the 
物流订单已创建(EBAY平台)logistics order has been created (EBAY platform) and it is 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH8401,计划起飞时间08:20planned to be transported by the airline. The planned flight number is LH8401, and the planned departure time is 08:20 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号TRUCK-CX880,计划起飞时间12:00. The planned flight number is TRUCK-CX880, and the planned departure time is 12: 00 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH721-1348,计划起飞时间10:30Planned to be transported by airline, planned flight number LH721-1348, planned departure time 10:30 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号TK027-1775,计划起飞时间07:00Planned to be transported by airline, planned flight number TK027-1775, planned departure time 07:00 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CZ331,计划起飞时间21:30Planned to be transported by airline, planned flight number CZ331, The planned departure time is 21:30 , and 
目的国退回the destination country is returned 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CZ339,计划起飞时间16:20to the airline. The planned flight number is CZ339. The planned departure time is 16:20. The 
物流订单已创建logistics order has been 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号TK27-283,计划起飞时间23:15. -283, scheduled departure time 23:15 
已离开has left and is 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号KE0828-0957,计划起飞时间12:45scheduled to be handed over to the airline for transportation, scheduled flight number KE0828-0957, scheduled departure time 12:45 
物流订单已创建(WISH邮平台)logistics order has been created (WISH post platform)
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH8411-LH860,计划起飞时间06:20Planned to be transported by the airline, planned flight number LH8411-LH860, planned departure time 06:20 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CZ321,计划起飞时间21:00Planned to be transported by the airline, planned flight number CZ321, planned departure time 21:00 
送交目的国海关sent to the customs of the destination country 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH8411-LH1492,计划起飞时间06:20Planned to be transported by the airline, planned flight number LH8411-LH1492, scheduled departure time 06:20, 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号TRUCK-KE604-0529,计划起飞时间00:30scheduled to be delivered to the airline, scheduled flight number TRUCK-KE604-0529, scheduled departure time 00:30 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LX197-1216,计划起飞时间06:45Scheduled to be delivered to the airline, scheduled flight number LX197-1216, scheduled departure time 06:45 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CZ347-CZ456,计划起飞时间00:20Planned to be transported by the airline, planned flight number CZ347-CZ456, planned departure time 00:20 
已到达目的国has arrived at the destination country 
退回,备注(不准进口)and returned, remarks (no import allowed) 
退回,备注(待收费)returned, remarks (to be charged) 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CZ307-CZ1369,计划起飞时间05:00planned to be handed over to the airline for transportation, planned flight number CZ307-CZ1369 , the planned departure time is 05:00 and it is 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号SHIP-CX463-207,计划起飞时间07:00planned to be delivered to the airline for transportation. The planned flight number is SHIP-CX463-207. The planned departure time is 07:00. The 
物流订单已创建(速卖通平台)logistics order has been created (AliExpress platform) and is 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号KE0828-0071,计划起飞时间12:45planned to be delivered to the airline for transportation. The planned flight number is KE0828-0071 , planned departure time 12:45 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号TK027-0283,计划起飞时间07:00planned to be delivered to the airline, planned flight number TK027-0283, planned departure time 07:00 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号RU120,计划起飞时间02:00planned to be delivered to the airline, planned flight number RU120, planned departure time 02:00 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CZ347-CZ456,计划起飞时间02:20planned to be delivered to the airline, planned Flight number CZ347-CZ456, scheduled departure time 02:20, 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号EK307-171,计划起飞时间23:55scheduled to be delivered to the airline, scheduled flight number EK307-171, scheduled departure time 23:55 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CZ307,计划起飞时间00:05Scheduled to be delivered to the airline, scheduled flight number CZ307, scheduled departure time 00:05 
已进口开拆,备注(安检退回)has been imported Dismantling, remarks (returned by security inspection)
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号TK027,计划起飞时间07:00Planned to be transported by airline, planned flight number TK027, planned departure time 07:00 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CZ347,计划起飞时间00:20Planned to be transported by airline, planned flight number CZ347, planned departure time 00:20 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH781-8340,计划起飞时间12:50Planned to be transported by airline, planned flight number LH781-8340, planned departure time 12:50 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号KE0828-0907,计划起飞时间12:45Planned to be handed over to the airline for transportation, planned flight number KE0828-0907, planned departure time 12:45 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH8411-LH686,计划起飞时间06:20Planned to be handed over to the airline for transportation, planned flight number LH8411-LH686, planned departure time 06:20 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号TK073,计划起飞时间23:00Planned to be handed over to the airline for transportation, planned flight number TK073, scheduled to take off at 23:00, 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号CA949,计划起飞时间13:30scheduled to be delivered to the airline, scheduled flight number CA949, scheduled to take off at 13:30, 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH8415-1340,计划起飞时间03:25scheduled to be delivered to the airline, scheduled to take off at 03:25, scheduled to be delivered to the airline, scheduled for flight number LH8415-1340, scheduled to take off at 03:25, 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号J2068-683,计划起飞时间23:55scheduled to be delivered to the airline, Planned flight number J2068-683, planned departure time 23:55, 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH8411-LH1488,计划起飞时间06:20planned to be delivered to the airline, planned flight number LH8411-LH1488, planned departure time 06:20, 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH729-686,计划起飞时间22:45planned to be delivered to the airline for transportation, planned flight number LH729-686, planned departure time 22: 45 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH733,计划起飞时间23:35Planned to be transported by the airline, planned flight number LH733, planned departure time 23:35 to be 
送交目的国(地区)海关sent to the destination country (region) customs 
已到达目的国(地区)has arrived at the destination country (region) 
目的国(地区)海关放行destination country (region) the destination country (region) has been released by the customs and 
目的国(地区)退回returned to the destination country (region) and 
送交寄达地海关sent to the destination country (region) The local customs 
已到达寄达地has arrived at the destination. The 
寄达地海关放行destination is released by the customs 
寄达地退回and returned to the destination. It is planned to be 
计划交航空公司运输,计划航班号LH727-2544,计划起飞时间22:45transported by the airline. The planned flight number is LH727-2544, and the planned departure time is 22:45.
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