Orvis Order Status,Track Orvis Shipment

Looking for Orvis Order Status ? Here you will find the Orvis tracking service and guide.

orvis order tracking

How to track Orvis Order Status ?

Orvis share tracking information within 24 hrs of order placement. You can check the orvis order status and track the delivery until its get delivered to you. You can keep tracking following simple steps :

  • After successful order placement go to ” Order history” section and copy the order number
  • Now go to Orvis official order tracking page and you can see the tracking box like this
Orvis Order Status,Track Orvis Shipment
  • Enter the order number and billing zip code correctly
  • Click on “Track order” button to get latest shipment details


Shipping Product to Canada

Orvis charges an international surcharge of 18% on the total price of the product. This includes duties and treatment. Taxes will be charged separately, and shipping charges will be charged separately based on the amount of the order.

Up to $25.00$4.95
$25.01 – 50.00$7.95
$50.01 – 100.00$10.95
$100.01 – 150.00$13.95
$150.01 – 250.00$16.95

International Shipping

Depending on your country of residence, additional taxes and customs duties may be added to your order. This is not reflected in the price, but is your responsibility at the time of delivery. Please contact with your local customs office to check these fees. In addition, in some countries, additional fees within that country may apply.

Up to $99.99$30.00
$100.00 – $199.99$55.00
$200.00 – $299.99$70.00
$300.00 & Over20% of total merchandise value

Delivery of orders from abroad takes 7 to 10 business days. Delivery times vary from country to country.

Shipping Restrictions :

Due to licensing restrictions on imports, Orvis is no longer able to ship packages to Burma, China, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Sudan, Syria and Vietnam. Since these packages are sent through major military distribution centers, this restriction does not apply to the delivery of the package to military personnel based in these countries.

Can I track multiple Orvis order status at a time ?

No, you need to track each single order at a time. Right now they don’t have such kind of tracking facility. May be they integrate multiple order tracking service.

About Orvis :

Orvis is an American family owned retail and mail order company specializing in fishing, hunting and sporting goods. Founded in 1856 by Charles F. Orbis in Manchester, Vermont to sell fishing tackle, it is the oldest mail carrier in the United States.

Customer service & help :

  • Toll Free Calling: 1-888-235-9763
  • Online Form: Contact Orvis : https://www.orvis.com/email-customer-service.html
  • Email: customerservice@orvis.com
  • Hearing Impaired TTY: 800-828-1120
  • Fax: 1-540-343-7053
  • International Callers: 1-540-345-4606
  • Mailing Address:
  • Orvis Service Center
  • 1711 Blue Hills Dr.
  • Roanoke, VA 24012

Official Website : https://www.orvis.com/

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