Poczta Polska Tracking – Follow Up Poland Post Parcel

Poczta Polska Tracking - Follow Up Poland Post Parcel

Poczta Polska Tracking – Poland Post Tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from POLAND POST

Poland Post (Poczta Polska) is a company with more than 460 years of tradition, the largest operator in the domestic market, with over 80,000 employees and a network of 7,600 offices, branches and postal agencies.

Poczta Polska Tracking - Follow Up Poland Post Parcel

Poczta Polska is one of the Polish leaders in the field of communications, parcels, courier services and logistics, as well as the national postal operator, which is used by more than 90% of Poles. The service focuses on strengthening the most promising areas:

  • parcels;
  • logistics services;
  • finance;
  • international services and public administration.

Recently, Poczta Polska took first place in the Rzeczpospolita ranking in the category of the most valuable Polish brands operating in the service sector. In 2020, the Polish Post became the winner of the TOP Marka competition, taking first place in the category of courier companies.

Geography of Poland Post

Poczta Polska makes every effort to enable customers to exchange correspondence internationally. The company regularly analyzes the situation and is in constant contact with foreign postal operators in order to consistently start sending international parcels. Currently, postal communication is carried out with the following countries: Ukraine, Russia , Singapore, Canada, USA , Iceland, Georgia, Greece, Holland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic , Korea , Latvia , Lithuania, Australia.

Poczta Polska operates all over the world, delivering parcels to the farthest corners every day. Parcels, courier shipments with the Polish Post will always arrive on time, exactly where the sender addressed them. You can use additional services that facilitate shipment and delivery planning, such as insurance, the possibility of online monitoring of the status of the shipment or special package solutions:

  1. EMS delivery is carried out in more than 170 countries of the world.
  2. Postal parcel up to 20 kg, with the possibility of declaring the value, in a foreign edition.
  3. Parcel UKRAINE PLUS is a guaranteed delivery time for parcels to Ukraine at attractive prices.


There are more than 7,000 subsidiaries throughout the country, controlled by the central office in Warsaw. In total, the company has more than 80 thousand employees.

The company cooperates with other cargo delivery companies, issues stamps, organizes postal services within Poland and internationally, and conducts financial transactions. She also takes care of courier delivery and many other basic tasks of the state postal company. It is possible for customers to track Poczta Polska parcels when ordering in foreign online stores and international online auctions. Poczta Polska: track number and what it is needed for Each Poczta Polska parcel is marked with a unique track code. It has an alphanumeric format and each mail item is assigned its own track. Such a number can be repeated only after at least a year has passed since the last departure. In practice, this period takes much longer, except for confusion.

Poczta Polska allows any client to track the parcel by number. That’s what the tracking code is for. With it, you can at any time see in which sorting point and in which city the order is currently located.
To get a track number, you need to contact the seller, but most often they send it on their own in a personal message or along with order details.


Our service makes tracking parcels as convenient and simple as possible, regardless of the user’s level of computer knowledge. We have set up the system in such a way that you do not have any problems using the resource.We not only have POCZTA POLSKA tracking facility but there are other postal services like Russian Post , Pos laju post , Thailand postal shipment , USPS and more

If your purchase is delivered by Poczta Polska, you can track your order with a few clicks. First, copy the track code or enter it manually in a special window. Then click the “Search for a package” button, and the history of all the trips of your order will be displayed in a list.

This approach to the control of postal items will not only reassure and assure the safety of the package or parcel, but also allow you to predict the expected time when the package will be in your city.

How to track a parcel by track number Poland Post ?

Tracking Poland Post parcels is extremely simple, you need to select the tracking option on the carrier’s website, enter the track number of the cargo, and the system will display the current status of the shipment, both from Poczta Polska and from foreign operators.

To find a registered shipment, enter in the tracking field the number (for example: 0015900773312345678, RR123456789PL, CP123456789PL, VV123456789PL, EE123456789PL) specified in the postal receipt, without spaces or brackets, and click “Search”.

If the number is incorrect or the system does not see the shipment with the specified code, the following message will be displayed: The given package number is incorrect. If no number is entered in the field, the following message will be displayed: Please give the package number.

If the number is correct, the delivery information and event log for the package will be displayed. Currently, Polsk Post allows you to track a parcel in Poland and abroad, providing information on the following types of shipments:

  1. Interior:
    • postal package;
    • POSTEX;
    • cash on delivery package;
    • goods with declared value;
    • business package;
    • overall weight.
  2. International:
    • EMS;
    • postal package.

In the case of registered letters, only the date of dispatch and delivery can be displayed without detailed tracking of parcels from Poland.

Poland Post tracking shipment statuses

When checking the status of a shipment, a user will see English-language alerts from the Poczta Polska shipment monitoring system. The most popular of them:

  • package accepted – the cargo is accepted;
  • package in transportation – the package is on the way;
  • sent from Poland – sent from Poland;
  • imported to the country of destination – imported to the country of destination;
  • arrived at the office of destination – arrived at the post office of the recipient country.

If, when tracking Poland Post shipments, the client does not see data on the desired cargo for the last 30 days, then you should make sure that the correct track number is entered.

Poland Post parcel tracking statuses :

Zwolnienie z odprawy celnejReleased from customs
Przedmiot przybyłItem arrived
Odprawa celnaCustoms clearance
Paczka wysłanaPackage sent
Wysłane z PolskiSent from Poland
Paczka w transporciePackage in transportation
Akceptowane w kraju docelowymAccepted in the destination country
Przedmiot dostarczonyItem delivered
Akceptowane w PolsceAccepted in Poland
Nieodebrana dostawaMissed delivery
Przetwarzanie w celu dostarczeniaProcessing for delivery
Księgowanie przedmiotówItem posting
Przekazany do dostawyHanded over for delivery
Można odebrać na poczcieCan be collected at the post office
Zawiadomienie pocztowe – przesyłka może zostać odebrana na poczciePostal notice – item can be collected at the post office
Odebrane na poczcieCollected at the post office
Nieodebrana dostawa – zwrócona do nadawcyMissed delivery – returned to sender
Drugie zawiadomienie pocztowe – przesyłka może zostać odebrana na poczcieSecond postal notice – item can be collected at the post office
Nieodebrana dostawa – przekierowanaMissed delivery – redirected
Wysłano powiadomienie SMSSMS notification sent
Przedmiot zarejestrowanyItem registered
Powiadomienie e-mail wysłaneE-mail notification sent

About Poland Post :

Poland Post (Poczta Polska) – the national representative of the Polish postal service, is a commercial organization. The company was founded in 1918. The headquarters is located in Warsaw. The company has its own fleet of vehicles, about 80,000 employees work for the benefit of people in 7,000 branches throughout Poland.

The telecom operator provides the following services:

  • postal service (delivery of items within the country and abroad);
  • financial transactions with the population;
  • insurance services;
  • electronic commerce;
  • courier services “to the door”;
  • reception of citizens in post offices;
  • issue of stamps;
  • subscription and sale of periodicals;
  • distribution of advertising brochures.

The company works with both individuals and legal entities in the usual manner and under special conditions. Cooperation with other postal representatives, logistics and courier companies is spreading all over the world, new channels and ways of development are being worked out. More complete information can be obtained on the official Poczta Polska postal resource.

Poland Post Reviews :

CP2********PL received in 28 days

Thanks to this site, a lot of time and nerves have been saved. The exact determination of the location of the parcel made it possible to adjust its delivery to the correct address.

— July 1, wrote gonterana

CP3********UA received in 59 days

Hello . I am very pleased with the work of the site. The parcel was tracked at each stage. Delivery lasted two months. Only due to the fact that the month lay at the airport at customs. The package is not damaged. The courier delivered to the doorstep. Thank you for your work .

— 27th of June, wrote aleksej670

CW3********UA received in 57 days

The parcel went from Ukraine to Poland, the parcel came, but for such pennies and with such obezhennya (a lot of things they didn’t allow to put in a parcel, put on a bathing suit and a lot of things they didn’t understand for some reason) for a long time, 2 months

— June 24, wrote valeriagorachun

CP5********UA received in 59 days

The parcel from Ukraine was 2 months. For almost a month there was no information about her whereabouts. And only when I found this site I had the opportunity to see her movement from the border.

— 21st of June, wrote vv-valentina

CP2********PL received in 27 days

Everything is fine, the package arrived, but the delivery time is twice as long as from China, in short, the logistics should be improved.

— 21st of June, wrote gamesuport

CP5********UA received in 10 days

Good afternoon. I was very surprised because my parcel from Nikolaev to Poland arrived in 10 days. The parcel was brought straight home, despite the fact that we live in the suburbs. Everything is safe and sound, only one thing surprised and outraged me. Upon receipt of the parcel, the payment for customs clearance additionally paid 113 PLN. In Ukraine, the parcel was paid for. Next time I will look at another option, as it turned out to be expensive.

— June 16, wrote oskurtol74

CL1********IE received in 40 days

The parcel was delivered without violating the terms and packaging. Tracked correctly along the way. Thanks for the service. In such a difficult time….

— June 8, wrote kononenko010167

EE5********PL received in 32 days

the parcel from Poland to Ukraine, sent by EMS, arrived in a month. The box is completely intact, not opened. taking into account the fact that there is a war in Ukraine, a period of a month is quite acceptable. Thanks to the Polish Post for the opportunity to send this free targeted humanitarian package.

— 26 of May, wrote slashchova4848

CP6********UA received in 53 days

The parcel was tracked perfectly, shortly well packed, everything came safe and sound. Just a very long wait, and so everything is fine.

— May 21st, wrote irina.iren96

EE5********PL received in 29 days

Thank you, the package arrived surprisingly in 29 days, this is the second package that was sent from Poland, and the first one is not tracked and they write that it is still on the way and has been going for 35 days, tell me where to go thanks

— May 18, wrote nk4you26019

CP0********UA received in 54 days

The parcel went for almost two months, they didn’t want to give it back, they demanded another 40 euros, although everything was paid for in Kyiv, they also asked why send things, because they can be bought in Poland ..

— May 15, wrote misenkosveta698

CV4********UA received within 45 days

I received the parcel from Ukraine in 45 days. Long, but thanks anyway. I understand that Ukrposhta and Polish mail are now overloaded. At some point, the information about the parcel disappeared and I turned to this site for help. I was surprised that they answered me, and moreover, messages began to arrive about the movement of the parcel. This gave confidence that the package was not lost, but we just had to wait a little longer. Thanks again.

— May 2, wrote sorbonna8989

RI7********UA received in 19 days

Thank you very much 🙏 the parcel arrived even earlier than the planned date, it came from Ukraine, it’s very nice that you can track it and a notification comes in, it’s very convenient in our time!

— April 30, wrote Lekxa

CU0********PL not received in 86 days

Sent on 01/17/2022, Parcel at customs, do not send to the recipient, and return to the sender. Already 86 days on the road.

— The 21st of April, wrote lena.bilskaya

CP0********UA received in 24 days

Thank you very much. Top notch service. Parcel delivered on time, no delays. Tracked constantly.

— April 16, written by murocj2016

RA7********RU received in 38 days

An important letter for me was sent from Russia to Poland. It took a very long time, more than a month, instead of 10 working days. Thanks to the site, it was possible to track his movement. “Stuck” at the Polish customs. I felt much more comfortable knowing where it was. There was a moment when the information was not updated for 2 weeks. It was only known that the letter left the territory of the Russian Federation and was delivered to a Polish intermediate point. The Polish post office was pleasantly surprised by such a detailed tracking system. They couldn’t find the letter in their system when it “disappeared” for a while.

— February, 15, wrote w.klymiuk

005***************83 received in 11 days

Thank you. Everything was delivered perfectly, no problems. The postman girl brought it right to the threshold of the apartment. Very good and responsible worker.

— January 24, wrote aksyonov1978

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