Posta Moldovei Tracking – Online Moldova Post Parcel Status

Posta Moldovei Tracking - Online Moldova Post Parcel Status

Posta Moldovei Tracking – Moldova Post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from Moldova POST

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The State Enterprise “Post of Moldova” (SE “Posta Moldovei”) was founded in 1993 as a result of the separation of the postal sector from the telecommunications sector. It is the national postal operator represented by the State Property Agency. Being the largest specialized operator in Moldova, the company offers a wide range of postal and financial services throughout the country with a territorial network of almost 1,200 post offices and agencies providing postal services to citizens in more than 1,500 localities of the country.

In 1992, the Republic of Moldova became an authorized member of the Universal Postal Union, forming a single postal territory with other member countries. Then HE “Posta Moldovei” joined a number of international organizations, such as: EMS Cooperative and Telematics Cooperative within the UPU, PostEurop (Association of European State Postal Operators), Regional Communication Community, actively participating in organized meetings and seminars.

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What countries does Moldova Post work with

The international postal activity of SE “Posta Moldovei” has been and remains active, aimed at maintaining and strengthening cooperation relations both with international organizations and with foreign postal administrations, pursuing the goal of raising the standards and quality of the services provided.

There is a single postal territory within which postal items move freely. The rules under which this territory operates are dictated by and respected by the UPU. Another UPU regional union, in which the State Enterprise “Posta Moldovei” retains its membership, is the Regional Communications Community (CRC), an international organization that acts as a coordinating interstate body in the CIS countries. The membership of the Republic of Moldova to the UPU, regional organizations PostEurop, CRC, etc. ensures the integration of the Moldovan postal service into the global postal network, which includes more than 190 countries. And this means that the telecom operator works with America , the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

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Posta Moldovei Tracking number format

Since all international shipments of the Moldovan telecom operator have a standard code set by the UPU, you can check the package using the track number of the Moldovan post office. The international number consists of letters and numbers, 13 characters in total (for example, EE123456789MD), starts with one of the markings “E”, “C”, “H”, “M”, “R”, “V” and ends with the character “MD or country of origin code.

To track Moldova Post parcels, certain service indicator codes are used, standardized by the UPU, where the first letters mean:

  • CA-CZ is usually assigned to insured parcels;
  • EZ-EZ – EMS (express parcels);
  • HA-HZ – e-commerce orders;
  • MA-M – printed matter;
  • RA-RZ – written correspondence (registered, but not insured);
  • VA-VZ – insured correspondence (often letters).

The last two letters of the identifier are the code of the country of origin (that is, the country from which the mail is sent). The two-letter country codes are defined in the ISO 3166-1 standard. For example: RU means Russia, GB means the United Kingdom, etc.

Posta Moldovei Tracking Parcel statuses

In order to check the package using the Moldovan mail ID, enter the track number of the shipment in the tracking field on the official website of the delivery operator or in any other cargo tracking service. Carefully enter characters, spaces, additional characters are not allowed. If the order has been registered, the system will provide full information about the movement, the current location of the cargo, and also show the sender and recipient.

On the Moldova post website, tracking in multiple languages is available, for this you just need to select the language in the box located above the main menu.

About Moldova Post

The Post of Moldova (Posta Moldovei) is a state postal representative, has been a member of the UPU (Universal Postal Union) since November 1992. The headquarters is located in the capital of the Republic of Moldova – the city of Chisinau.

Provides services to the population and business partners: postal, financial, business services. Postal services include: parcel post (local and international), letter forwarding (domestic and international), Curier rapid service, EMS express delivery, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, postage stamps and custom stamps. Financial services include: money transfers, payment of salaries and pensions, acceptance of payments, payment of indexation on deposits. The post office also offers services for business: advertising distribution – Direct-Mail (advertising and marketing materials – leaflets, booklets, flyers). Find more information on the official website of the organization.

Liaison offices of the Moldavian post are distributed in all remote corners of the republic, the organization has its own transport fleet, cooperates with all the world’s post offices and major courier services, adopting experience and technology, which helps it keep up with the times and provide services at the highest level.

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Posta Moldovei Tracking : (Почта Молдовы)

Moldova Post parcel tracking statuses

Insert item into bag (Otb)
Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
Receive item from customer (Otb)
Send item to customs (Inb)
Send item to domestic location (Inb)
Return item from customs (Inb)
Receive item at delivery office (Inb)
Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
Send item abroad (EDI-received)
Unsuccessful item delivery attempt (Inb)
Deliver item (Inb)
Send item to domestic location (Otb)
Send item to customs (Otb)

Moldova Post Reviews

EE1********IL received in 14 days

Thanks for the delivery. But almost double the rate for urgency was paid. And there was no urgency! It's a pity.

— July 9, wrote fissasha135

RR1********RU not received in 149 days

My package has not been delivered and they do not give it to me from the archive. For 2 months I have been trying to find the ends of who will return it to me.

— May 13, posted by valentina6333

EE0********RU received in 19 days

It was delivered by the post of the Russian Federation quite quickly, the parcel arrived safe and sound, there are no complaints about the Moldovan post either, but yes, the customs of Moldova delayed the parcel for almost 5 days, hung VAT and duties, in general, do not send parcels to Moldova.

— May 8, wrote srd2012

RB3********MD received in 8 days

I thank everyone who participated in the delivery of my package to its destination! Parcel arrived faster than expected! Thank you all! 🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇

— March 28, wrote cohenmila75

CV8********US received in 45 days

Delivered by courier on time as stated by the service staff. From New York to Moldova, the parcel traveled by sea for 45 days. Thank you very much!

— March 19, wrote butterfly.fv70

RG0********UA received in 18 days

It has been in customs for a long time. And there was no information about me on the package. Couldn't get it right away. The parcel was not attached to me …

— 12th of February, wrote oboroiri

RR1********RU received in 8 days

I received the parcel EL020007294RU and immediately answered about it – but I did not receive the parcel EL020007294RU and you do not give me any information about this, although I wrote to you about it so many times – that's how you follow the shipments !!!

— January 23, wrote p.beshleaga

RR1********RU received in 24 days

Everything is great. Coincided or not, but the mark on the delivery of the parcel appeared almost simultaneously with the fact of delivery (on the second day). I don’t dare to believe, but I VERY want to hope that everything in this area and in this region will improve (maybe even thanks to my feedback). Until then – THANK YOU. Nice to work with you. Vladimir

— January 18, wrote Pavldm


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