Universal Postal Union Tracking – Universal Postal Parcel tracking

Universal Postal Union Tracking - Universal Postal Parcel tracking

Universal Postal Union Tracking – Postal union tracking tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from UNIVERSAL POST

Track Universal Postal Parcel

Universal Postal Union Tracking - Universal Postal Parcel tracking

Universal Postal Union (Universal Postal Union (UPU) is the second oldest international organization, which, having settled in Bern, began its work in 1874. The union includes 192 countries, which provides a universal network of modern logistics products and services.

The UPU itself plays an advisory, mediating and bridging role and provides technical assistance as needed. It establishes the rules for international postal exchange and gives recommendations on stimulating the growth of mail, parcels and financial services, improving the quality of customer service.

The structure of the Universal Postal Union includes four bodies:

  1. Congress is the highest body. The plenipotentiaries of member countries meet every four years to determine the future of the postal sector.
  2. Administrative Council – ensures the continuity of work by controlling legislative and legal issues. Consists of 41 countries and meets annually in Bern.
  3. The Postal Operations Council (POC) is the technical and operations center. The membership includes 40 countries.
  4. International Bureau – Responsible for the logistics and technical support of the governing bodies of the Universal Postal Union.

Geography of work

Any member country of the United Nations can become a member of the UPU. A non-UN member country can become a member of the UPU, provided that its request is approved by at least two-thirds of the UPU member countries. Currently, Universal Postal Union has 192 member countries, including:

  • Western Europe;
  • Eastern Europe (including Russia and Ukraine) and Northern Asia;
  • South Asia and Oceania;
  • America;
  • Africa

The expenses of the Union are financed jointly by the member countries through a system of contributions. Upon joining the UPU, new members are free to choose one of ten contribution classes ranging from one to 50 units. An additional class of contribution of half a unit is reserved for the least developed countries.

Universal Postal Union tracking number formats

It is very easy to track a package using the Universal Postal Union ID, since the marking of the cargo is standardized. All UPU member states use the S10 standard to identify mail items. According to this standard, each order is assigned a 13-digit identifier, consisting of Latin characters and numbers. Each country’s designated postal operator is responsible for issuing and using S10 tracking numbers.

The USU S10 ID looks something like this: XX123456789YY. And it consists of four parts:

  • the first two letters are the service indicator code, which indicates the type of mail item;
  • the first eight digits are the serial number in the range from 00000000 to 99999999;
  • the last (ninth) digit is a check digit calculated using a special formula;
  • the last two letters are the two-letter country code defined in ISO 3166-1, the code identifies the national postal operator that issued the identifier by which the Universal Postal Union parcel can be tracked.

According to the UPU S10 standard, no identifier can be reused within 12 calendar months. Ideally, it should not be reused for 24 calendar months or longer to avoid confusion.

Parcel tracking statuses

To track the parcel using the track number of the Universal Postal Union, you must enter the identifier in a special field on the website of the postal operator. This may be the postal operator of both the country of origin and the country of destination. If the shipment has already been registered in the system, the user will see a report on its current location and status (for example: “In transit”, “Sent for delivery”, “Uncontrollable delay at customs”, “Processing”, etc.).

Universal Postal Union package tracking statuses

Arrivée au bureau de livraisonArrival at delivery office
Détenu par les douanesHeld by customs
Arrivée au bureau d’échange entrantArrival at inward office of exchange
Arrivée au bureau d’échange sortantArrival at outward office of exchange
Départ du bureau d’échange entrantDeparture from inward office of exchange
Départ du bureau d’échange sortantDeparture from outward office of exchange
Livraison infructueuseUnsuccessful delivery
Article présenté aux douanes d’importationItem presented to import customs
Article retourné des douanes (importation)Item returned from customs (import)
Article retourné des douanes / sécurité d’exportationItem returned from export customs/security
Article présenté aux douanes/sûretés d’exportationItem presented to export customs/security
Départ du transit d’échangeDeparture from transit of exchange
Livraison finaleFinal delivery

Universal Postal Union Tracking Official site : https://www.upu.int/en/Contact-us/Postal-shipments

Universal Postal Union

  • International Bureau
  • Weltpoststrasse 4
  • 3015 BERNE 

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