Kyrgyzstan Post Tracking – Kyrgyz Post Parcel Status

Kyrgyzstan Post Tracking - Kyrgyz Post Parcel Status

Kyrgyzstan post Tracking – Kyrgyz Post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from Kyrgyzstan POST

Track Kyrgyz Post Shipment

Kyrgyzstan Post Tracking - Kyrgyz Post Parcel Status

Kyrgyzstan Post is the national delivery service. The organization was established in 1992 by a decree of the local government. The head office is located in Bishkek. The company has a branched structure, cooperates with clients from all over the Kyrgyz Republic and other world countries. It organizes the delivery of international postal items, internal correspondence, provides high-level services to individuals and legal entities. There is an express delivery, EMS service.

Kyrgyz post  , in addition to basic services, provides a wide range of additional services. The main ones are accepting payments, financial transactions, transfers from cards to cash and replenishing bank accounts, selling lottery tickets, servicing legal entities and individuals. The international courier service is constantly working on expanding the list of services provided to the population, improving their quality. To this end, a wide range of measures are being implemented aimed at optimizing current processes, improving the level of qualifications of personnel, and the degree of protection of employees. By choosing “Kyrgyz Post”, you can be sure of a high level of service.

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Tracking of postal items “Post of Kyrgyzstan”

Kyrgyz post  guarantees the safety of parcels, strict observance of the terms of their delivery. This applies to domestic and international correspondence. Express and standard delivery services are provided. Tariffs in the first case are always higher, but the waiting time is shorter.

When making a parcel, consider the prohibitions and restrictions that are typical for all postal services. The main parameters relate to the dimensions, weight and contents of the items. You can get acquainted with the exact data on the official website of the courier organization. Tracking services for international shipments are also available there. Please note that you will have to use a translator, since the interface is not your own country language. If you are interested in tracking  Kyrgyz post, you can test the functionality of our service. It is clear and simple, allows you to track parcels in real time.

What countries does Kyrgyzstan Post work with?

The courier service cooperates with clients from different countries of the world. You can order parcels from Kyrgyzstan to an address convenient for you with express or standard delivery. Delivery times and service charges will vary.

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The specifics of the work of Kyrgyz Post

The operator “Kyrgyz Pochtasy” is a state-owned enterprise, which was established by the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in the early nineties. The enterprise has a single management system and an extensive network of its representative offices, consisting of nine hundred and twenty-two post offices in the territory of Kyrgyzstan (four objects have a regional level, forty-four branches – district and city, eight hundred and seventy branches – territorial).

The company employs more than four thousand employees, each of whom has received special training. The main post office of the company is located in Bishkek. The main activity of Kyrgyz Post is the acceptance and issuance of ordinary, registered, valuable letters, parcels, small packages, parcels, domestic and international express mail. In addition, the company carries out electronic money transfers, booking air travel, accepting payments from the public, processing various government documents, and much more.

The range of services provided by the company is constantly expanding: recently the company has introduced payment for technical inspection, reservation of air and railway tickets, the sale of lottery coupons. In order to improve the quality of service, the organization takes measures to optimize the operation of the postal network, improve the skills of employees of their social security.

You can use the services of the postal service of the Kyrgyz Republic on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturday until lunch.

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Tracking number formats “Kyrgyz Post”

You can track the parcel of the “Kyrgyz Post” by an individual track number. The courier service divides all shipments into two categories – small packages and large parcels. Shipments from Kyrgyzstan up to 2 kg are not always tracked, keep this in mind.

The approved international identifier format consists of 13 characters. It looks like this:

  • RT123116785KG – small bags up to 2 kg;
  • CA1234336785KG – standard packages;
  • EE123456799KG – express shipments.

R is a pointer to the fact that the package is registered. For ordinary parcels, the letter C is used. EMC mail is always registered as an E track. All numbers are unique. If there is no data for your shipment in the system, check the spelling of the number or repeat the request in a couple of days.

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Tracking statuses of parcels “Kyrgyz Post”

“Post of Kyrgyzstan” offers to check the parcel by track number with the details of the basic data. You will see when the shipment was registered in the system, passed customs, and delivered to your city. The information is updated regularly.

Kyrgyzstan Post Parcel Tracking

With the development of new solutions related to sending and receiving parcels, a method has been devised that allows people to track their orders. So, to check the status of the shipment, you need to go to the official website of the Kyrgyz Pochtasy company and find the corresponding tab. After a special field highlighted with a frame appears on the screen, you will need to enter your track number there, which is assigned for sending and click on the button to start the operation. After refreshing the page, you will have access to all the required data regarding the transported cargo: type of shipment, delivery address, travel time, exact location, and more.

By controlling the path of the parcel at each stage, it is possible to respond in time to a possible sudden delay on any section of the road. You can do this by calling the support service at the number listed on the company’s website and find out the exact cause of the failure. It is very comfortable.

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Alternative Kyrgyzstan Post tracking method

Tracking the postal items of the Kyrgyz Post, as well as many other services, is available on our website. The tracker has many benefits. Here is some of them:

· Intuitive interface. The site is designed for ease of use. To prevent the user from wandering through the tabs, the main search tool is located on the main page of the site. This allows you to save time on finding your package.
· Automatic discovery of the postal service. To complete the operation, you just need to enter the track number in a specially designated field and the system automatically detects the transport company. This feature will work even if the foreign postal service transfers its powers to the domestic one due to the operation of certain agreements.
· Reliability of received data. All information about shipments is provided from the official resources of logistics companies and intermediate points.
· Informative content of the site. The resource publishes interesting articles that cover the news of online shopping and mail tracking.

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Kyrgyzstan Post Tracking number formats

When sending parcels, they are mandatory assigned postal identifiers. According to the conditions of work of the post of Kyrgyzstan, track numbers must consist of thirteen alphanumeric characters, in accordance with the international standards of UPU. All shipments are divided into two categories: the first includes those parcels with a specific weight of less than two kilograms, the second category includes shipments with a mass of more than two kilograms. Goods from the first category (light) may be untraceable, while heavier cargo and EMC shipments can always be tracked.

The policy of the company “Kyrgyz Pochtasy” assigns Kyrgyzstan Post tracking numbers to parcels, which may have some differences. Namely:

Rx122334455KG. Indicated on items that weigh less than two kilograms.
Cx122334455KG. Assigned in cases where the parcel has a mass of more than two kilograms.
Ex122334455KG. Express shipments are marked with this number.

Each set of characters in the mail identifier has its own semantic meaning:

· R – means that light cargo has been registered and can be tracked;
C – the symbol is assigned to parcels, the mass of which exceeds two kilograms.
E – shipments with this designation mean EMC mail.
· 122334455 – a number that gives uniqueness to the identifier.
· KG – symbols indicating the country from which the parcel was sent.

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Shipping restrictions from Kyrgyz post

According to the rules of the company “Kyrgyz Pochtasy” it is forbidden to transport some goods. The main ones are:

firearms, signal, pneumatic and other weapons;
narcotic drugs of any origin;
· alcoholic drinks;
perishable foodstuffs;
jewelry, precious metals and stones;
objects that may pose a danger to workers;
human remains, organs;
works of art.

If you are looking for a reliable delivery service, use the services of Kyrgyz Post! While the parcel is going, our service will help you quickly track its movements anywhere in the world!

Tracking statuses of parcels of Kyrgyzstan Post

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