Haypost Tracking – Armenia Post Parcel Status

Haypost Tracking - Armenia Post Parcel Status

Haypost Tracking – Armenia Post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status. Get latest shipment status from Armenia POST

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Haypost Tracking - Armenia Post Parcel Status

CJSC “Haypost” (“Post of Armenia”) today has about nine hundred branches that operate in all cities and villages of the country. HayPost offers postal services – mail delivery (regular, registered, indicative), parcel delivery, international mail and EMS Billing Services, as well as pension payments, utility payments, collection of fines and taxes, domestic and international money transfers. Another service area of ​​the service is the retail trade in essential items.

Haypost opened its first renovated post office in 2012. It was completely re-equipped, technically equipped and now provides customers not only with postal and financial services, but also actively interacts with e-commerce. Today HayPost is trying to expand its range of postal and financial services, wanting to meet the needs of its compatriots and customers located in other countries.

Soon HayPost will also include Express Mail, which aims to deliver door-to-door packages to customers across the country. Business-oriented mail services are also being developed, which will provide added value for customers in developing and running their direct mail advertising campaigns.

Which countries does the “Armenian Post” work with?

To increase the volume of international mail, HayPost also cooperates with a number of international postal operators, international public and private freight companies. Back in 2006, the Dutch HayPost Trust Management BV was given responsibility for managing HayPost. Trust management will make HayPost more commercial, transparent, efficient and accountable to its clients in Armenia and abroad. Finally, HayPost’s fiduciary management will make it a world-class postal and financial services operator.

Now the geography of Haypost’s work extends to the entire CIS, including Russia , Ukraine , Belarus . Basically, these are letters and parcels that are sent via EMS. But the shipment of goods is carried out to any country in the world.

Haypost tracking number formats

Tracking of postal “Armenian Post” items is carried out by the delivery number, this is a 13-digit code that has the following format (# Letter, * Number,! Letter or Number):

  • (R#*** *** *** AM) (V# *** *** *** AM);
  • (A#*** *** *** AM) (C# *** *** *** AM);
  • (E#*** *** *** AM) (L# *** *** *** AM).

All registered letters and parcels can be tracked by a shipment number (for example, AA123456789AM), including orders shipped via NSS.

In order to track HayPost mail (AM or RU), go to the official website of the logistics service provider, there will be a “Track” field on the main page. Enter the Haypost tracking number as indicated on the invoice. Spaces and other special characters are not allowed. Then click the “Search” button.

The number of the postal parcel of the Armenian Post usually ends with AM and consists of 13 digits. The type of departure can be determined from the letter that the track number begins with:
L is an international regular postal parcel;

R – registered small package from Armenia weighing up to 2 kg;

C – registered large package weighing from 2 kg to 20 kg;

E – Express EMS of the Armenian Post begins with the letter E.

“Armenian Post” parcel statuses

On the Armenia Post website, tracking in other language is available if you change the language of the site. You can do this on any page by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner above the main menu.

After the client has entered the track number in the tracking field, the system will display the current status of the cargo, and all previous stages of the parcel path will be available, including the date and time of registration, being at sorting and customs points (examples of messages: “Accepted for processing”, “Delivered to the sorting yard”, “Left the sorting yard”, “Sent for delivery”, etc.).

If the shipment is not delivered to the addressee within the specified time or is delayed, the sender has the right to make a request through Haypost CJSC.

Armenia Post Parcel Tracking Statuses

Ներմուծեք իրը պայուսակի մեջ (Otb)Insert item into bag (Otb)
Ստացեք իրը փոխանակման գրասենյակ (Inb)Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
Ստացեք ապրանքը հաճախորդից (Otb)Receive item from customer (Otb)
Ուղարկեք ապրանքը մաքսային (Inb)Send item to customs (Inb)
Ուղարկեք ապրանքը ներպետական գտնվելու վայր (Inb)Send item to domestic location (Inb)
Ապրանքը վերադարձնել մաքսային տարածքից (Inb)Return item from customs (Inb)
Ստացեք ապրանք առաքման գրասենյակում (Inb)Receive item at delivery office (Inb)
Ստացեք իրը փոխանակման գրասենյակում (Otb)Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
Ուղարկեք ապրանքն արտասահմանում (EDI-ընդունվող)Send item abroad (EDI-received)
Ապրանքի առաքման անհաջող փորձ (Inb)Unsuccessful item delivery attempt (Inb)
Deliver item (Inb)Deliver item (Inb)
Ուղարկեք ապրանքը մաքսային ծառայության (Otb)Send item to customs (Otb)
Ապրանքը մաքսայինից (Отб)Return item from customs (Otb)
Ապրանքը մաքսային տեղեկությունների գրանցում (Inb)Record item customs information (Inb)
Ուղարկեք ապրանքը տնային վայրիցSend item from domestic location
Ստացեք իրը տեսակավորման կենտրոնումReceive item at sorting center
Ուղարկված իրը Sorting Center-իցSent item from Sorting Center
Հաճախորդին ուղարկված ծանուցումNotification sent to customer
Ստացեք իրը տեղում (Inb)Receive item at location (Inb)
Փոխանցման առարկան առաքման գործակալին (Inb)Handover item to delivery agent (Inb)
Պահեք իրը փոխանակման գրասենյակում (Inb)Hold item at office of exchange (Inb)
Գրանցում ստացողի մասին տեղեկություն (Inb)Record recipient information (Inb)
Ստացեք ապրանք փոխանակման գրասենյակ (Inb – Dom – Recon)Receive item at office of exchange (Inb – Dom – Recon)
Ապրանքների պահման պատճառը գրանցել ըստ մաքսատան (Otb)Record item reason for retention by customs (Otb)
Չեղարկել ապրանքի արտահանումըCancel item export
Ստացեք ապրանքը հաճախորդից (Inb)Receive item from customer (Inb)
Ապրանքի մանրամասները գրանցեք փոխանակման գրասենյակում (Otb)Record item details at office of exchange (Otb)

About Armenia Post :

Armenian Post is the state postal service of Armenia, providing postal, financial and electronic services. It also sells related products.

The company was established in 1828 and developed first within the postal system of the Russian Empire, then the Soviet Union, and since 1991 as the postal department of the independent Republic of Armenia. At the moment, “Armpost” has about 900 post offices throughout the country. In addition, the company is responsible for issuing and selling postage stamps of Armenia.

Haypost main services:

  • postal services (transit of parcels, parcels and letters by regular and express mail, international delivery);
  • financial services (money transfers, acceptance of payments, payments to the population);
  • trade;
  • issue of stamps;
  • distribution of newspapers and magazines;
  • business solutions (distribution of flyers and booklets).

You can track the shipment of this service using the track number on our website. Enter the mail ID in the box and start searching for information.

Armenia Post Reviews :

RS9********DE received in 52 days

Today I received the parcel! Thanks to everyone who helped deliver it – I will use it again for further parcels!!

— July, 12, wrote becapbekap10

EE0********RU received in 79 days

The parcel has been delivered. Everything is fine. Only now there is a constant reminder that the package is on the way … N number of days. Correct the mistake.

— June 28, wrote fsk2710ss

SY1********42 received in 18 days

Very fast delivery, the parcel was kept to the end, good packaging, everything was intact. Thank you very much for such good work.

— 21st of June, written by hasmikmkhitaryan1

UB5********LV received in 71 days

Long delivery, the parcel was tracked, everything is whole. And the seller is unscrupulous, I bought 100 pieces, and he sent 49 pieces. Thanks for the delivery.

— June 8, written by hasmikmkhitaryan1

RF1********AM not received in 79 days

The parcel was lost at customs. The German post office just works terribly. Already the second parcel is lost. The second one reached the post office and was lost, and the first one at customs.

— June 8, wrote Bad

UD4********MY received in 28 days

The parcel was delivered quickly, it was tracked to the end, Vasya is in order. Thank you very much for the good work.

— May 24, written by hasmikmkhitaryan1

UB4********LV received in 74 days

I have already lost hope that the parcel will reach me. But everything ended well, the package is intact, everything is fine. The parcel was tracked. Thanks for the delivery.

— May 21st, written by hasmikmkhitaryan1

UD8********NL received in 21 days

Fast delivery, the parcel was tracked to the end, everything is whole. Many thanks for the good work.

— May 15, written by hasmikmkhitaryan1

CL0********RU received in 13 days

Usually I received the parcels in the proper form, but today's one came in a half-open box, beaten (a porcelain dish), and they managed to break the dishes that were inside 2 boxes. I'm in shock! This is how it had to be transported !! And yes, now this is a complaint !!

— May 10, wrote amuradova129

RR0********RU received in 11 days

Hello! We received the parcel, thank you for the information provided on sending the goods to the destination.

— April 7, wrote ssampetros

UB4********LV received in 60 days

The parcel was ordered on 11/11/2021. Sent by the seller on 11/18/2021, 11/29/2021 was withdrawn by the seller. It was re-sent on 11/30/2021, delivered to the post office on 12/30/2021. Delivery in fact for a month is normal, delay by the seller is not normal

— January 16, wrote norik_am

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