Bulgaria Post Tracking – Bulgarian Parcel Package Status

Bulgaria Post Tracking - Bulgarian Parcel Package Status

Bulgaria Post Tracking – Bulgarian post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from BULGARIA POST

Track Bulgaria Post Parcel

Bulgaria Post Tracking - Bulgarian Parcel Package Status

After the Russian-Turkish war (1877-1879), the provisional Russian government handed over to the Bulgarian authorities all postal and telegraph stations with all inventory and equipment. So there was a post of Bulgaria. Also in 1879, the service became one of the many members of the Universal Postal Union.

In 1997, EOOD “Balgarski Poshchi” was reorganized into JSC, after which most of the company’s capital became owned by the state. After the changes in the legislation, EAD Post of Bulgaria is included in the list of companies prohibited for privatization (EAD Bulgaria has 100% state participation).

In 2010, after the adoption of amendments to the Postal Services Act (PSA), the state imposes on the Bulgarian postal services EAD the obligation to provide universal postal services throughout the country, including in remote areas, with a certain quality and at affordable prices. And in the next 2011, the courier service EAD EMS / Bulpost is created as a specialized enterprise of a state-owned company. Now Bulgarian Post EAD is managed by a board of directors appointed by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications and consists of three members, and its actual owner is the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications of Bulgaria.

Geography of work

Bulgarian Post EAD is a permanent member of the EMS Cooperative. The implementation of the system of international and European standard BDS EN ISO 9001-2000 allows the Bulgarian postal service EAD to successfully implement its long-term quality policy in the Bulgarian and international postal market. Currently, Bulgarian Poshchi cooperates with resident postal, courier and logistics services in more than 190 countries. These include:

  • EU states;
  • Russia , Ukraine , Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet countries;
  • USA, Canada, Mexico;
  • countries of Asia and the Middle East.

How to track a parcel by Bulgaria Post ID

Tracking shipments of “Bulgarski Poshchi” is possible by barcode or cargo number, which is indicated in the consignment note. To check the parcel by Bulgaria post code, enter the Bulgaria Post tracking number in the tracking field:

  1. The track number of any international cargo contains 13 characters: it starts with the letter R, C, E or V, then the second letter follows in the range from A to Z, then there will be nine digits, and after them two more letters with the country code of the sender. For example: RH369852147CN, CP004152151EN, EC741258963UA, VV789654123ES.
  2. For domestic shipments, the code will be as follows: a 13-character combination of letters and numbers. The identifier will begin with the Latin letters PS. Avon shipments are also traceable.

All registered domestic and international shipments (parcels and courier shipments) of the Bulgarian Post can be tracked by the track number in the IPS International Tracking System and in the internal system on the official website of Bulgarian Post.

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Bulgaria Post tracking

The Bulgarian postal service divides all its shipments mainly into small packages (up to 2 kg) and parcels (departures weighing more than 2 kg). Small packages may not be trackable, you should pay attention to this when sending. Parcels and EMC shipments are registered and receive a track number for tracking.

bulgaria post tracking number

You can track the parcel on the official website of the postal service. The site is available to its users in both Bulgarian and English. Tracking is available immediately on the main page of the site. To do this, you need to enter the track number in a special field and start searching for the package by clicking on “Trace”.

If the parcel is delivered from Bulgaria, then after passing through customs clearance and transferring the shipment to the local postal service, tracking should continue on the website of this postal operator.

Tracking the parcel of the Bulgarian Post and other services is also available using our service. The tracker automatically determines the postal service by the tracking number and provides all available information about the package. When changing the postal service during the delivery of the item, the service also automatically determines the new track number and continues to track the parcel.

Types of track numbers of the Bulgarian Post

International shipments receive a track number, according to the rules of the Universal Postal Union. This is an alphanumeric number consisting of 13 characters. The tracking number can be four kinds, for example:

Bulgaria Post Tracking Number Formats as follows :

Rx000000000BG – registered items weighing up to 2 kg;
Cx000000000BG – package weighing up to 20 kg;
Ex000000000BG – EMS shipments;
Vx000000000BG – shipments with notification of receipt.

In all presented cases “ x ” is any letter of the Latin alphabet from A to Z.

“ 000000000 ” is a combination of 9 digits to make the tracking number unique.

“ BG ” is the abbreviation code of the sender’s country, in this case Bulgaria (BG).

Domestic shipments are marked with the letters “ PS ”.

Shipment delivery time

Delivery of items is carried out by road, rail and air. The delivery time depends on the destination and the type of transport used to deliver the shipment. The average delivery time is from 4 to 20 days.

If the departure is delayed for more than 10 days, the sender must be notified of this. The delay may be due to the difficulty of passing the customs control of the two countries. Although, as practice shows, the parcel reaches the recipient in a few days.

Express shipments can be delivered within a maximum of three days.

Sending parcels and delivery restrictions

The services of a postal operator can be used by any person, both natural and legal. You can send a parcel to any countries at any branch of the Bulgarian Post.

Shipments weighing up to 20 kg are accepted for delivery within the country. The maximum weight of international shipments can reach 31.5 kg.

Maximum shipment size : the sum of the length and the largest circumference, measured not along the length of the product, must not exceed 3 meters, while the maximum size of either side is 1.5 meters.

Domestic shipment size: The size of each side (Length, Width, Height) must be between 100 mm and 600 mm.

Explosive, radioactive, chemical substances, cultural values, valuable documents, live animals, etc. are not accepted for transportation.

Bulgaria Post Parcel Tracking Statuses

You can track the international parcel of “Bulgarski Poshchi” on the website of the postal service until the moment the cargo leaves Bulgaria, and then you need to check the status of the order on the official website of the postal or courier service of the country of destination. By the way, all incoming international parcels before their arrival in Bulgaria are also tracked on the electronic resources of the postal operator of the sending country.

If you want to track a “Bulgarski Poshchi” package in english, use our service , since on the service’s website all messages about the status of the cargo are presented in just two languages: Bulgarian and English.

Bulgaria Post tracking different statuses

Ստացեք իրը փոխանակման գրասենյակ (Inb)Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
Ստացեք ապրանքը հաճախորդից (Otb)Receive item from customer (Otb)
Ուղարկեք ապրանքը մաքսային (Inb)Send item to customs (Inb)
Ուղարկեք ապրանքը ներպետական գտնվելու վայր (Inb)Send item to domestic location (Inb)
Ստացեք ապրանք առաքման գրասենյակում (Inb)Receive item at delivery office (Inb)
Ստացեք իրը փոխանակման գրասենյակում (Otb)Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
Ուղարկեք ապրանքն արտասահմանում (EDI-ընդունվող)Send item abroad (EDI-received)
Ապրանքի առաքման անհաջող փորձ (Inb)Unsuccessful item delivery attempt (Inb)
Deliver item (Inb)Deliver item (Inb)
Պրատկատա e-ն ստացել էPratkata e received
Պրատկատա է պրիետաPratkata e prieta
Հագուստի մշակմանProcessing for dressing
Ներմուծեք իրը տնային պայուսակի մեջInsert item into domestic bag
Առաջին այցելությունFirst visit
Ներմուծեք իրը պայուսակի մեջ (Otb) եւ ուղարկեք իրը արտասահմանումInsert item into bag (Otb) and Send item abroad
Ստացեք իրը տեսակավորման կենտրոնում (Inb)Receive item at sorting center (Inb)
Ուղարկեք ապրանքը ֆիզիկական առաքման համար (Inb)Send item out for physical delivery (Inb)
Ստացեք իրը հավաքման կետում pick-up (Inb)Receive item at collection point for pick-up (Inb)
Պրատկաթան չի ստացելPratkata not received

About Bulgaria Post

The Bulgarian postal service dates back to 1879 and has a rather rich history. Already in 1881, the Charter was adopted, according to which money transfers could be carried out by the services of a postal operator. On November 10, 1989, Bulgarian Posts were transformed into a joint-stock company. EAD (single joint stock partnership) or Sole Joint Stock Company, is a specific form of management, when 100% of the shares are owned by the government of the country. The organization is governed by a three-person board of directors appointed by the Minister of Transport.

The Bulgarian Post has 2981 post offices with about 15 thousand employees. In total, there are more than 5 thousand mailboxes in the country, and the total length of postal routes is about 75 thousand km.

Service includes several main items:

  • delivery of postal correspondence, parcels and parcels within the country and abroad by regular mail and EMS;
  • storage of parcels and letters;
  • issue and sale of stamps;
  • financial transactions with the population;
  • reception of citizens in post offices;
  • sale of newspapers and magazines.

“Bulgarian Posts EAD” is engaged not only in the delivery of postal items within the country, but also delivers international items, provides customs services, carries out money transfers and many other services.

Bulgaria Post Reviews

RR6********IL received in 48 days

Send to Bulgaria – what to throw out, one air parcel from Israel took 48 days, but it arrived, the second one is gone for 70 days! I no longer hope that it will reach the recipient. I don’t use it anymore, I don’t understand why such a long delivery time.

— June 24, written by Lena_Helen

CL1********RU not received in 78 days

Hello! My package CL100536635ru left the intermediate center on May 17, 2022 and has not been delivered to Varna to this day. How long do I have to wait, worry!? 06/11/2022 just in transit the package from Russia to Bulgaria is already 78 days!

— 21st of June, wrote silova73

EE0********RU not received in 80 days

The parcel was sent on March 6 from Krasnoyarsk and has not yet been received. In the past 2021, the parcel went for more than 2 months, and what was most outrageous was that we paid for courier delivery to the doorstep, and we had to go to Nessebar for it and again spend money on the road !!!

— 2 June, posted by domino2304

CB0********RU not received in 69 days

I have been waiting for my parcel for 2 months, the Bulgarian customs requested additional declarations, filled it out, sent it, received an answer about accepting them, another 2 weeks have passed, there is no parcel, I don’t know what to do, the customs does not answer calls.

— May 12, written by daniil.lazarov

CL0********RU received in 63 days

The parcel from Russia to Bulgaria (Moscow-Balchik) was delivered by Russian Post for 63 days. Please use other carriers! In addition to the delivery time, we received a photo album with a torn cover (((

— 28th of February, wrote hr-nata

RI3********BG received in 46 days

Good job! Thanks for this service! The only one I found quickly. Good luck with your work. I RECOMMEND.

— February 20th, wrote valentina.gorelova

  • Bulgaria Post tracking official website : http://www.bgpost.bg
  • support : 3592 949 3130

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