Albania Post Tracking – Albanian Post Parcel Status

Albania Post Tracking - Albanian Post Parcel Status
Albania Post Tracking - Albanian Post Parcel Status

Albania Post Tracking – Albanian Post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status. Get latest shipment status from ALBANIA POST

Track Albanian Post Parcel

Albanian Post SA (Albanian Post) is the largest trading company operating in the postal and financial services market. Over the years, Albania Post has not only focused on its commercial activities, but also served as a vital intermediary between business, citizens and government.

The strength of the company in the market is a network of 550 offices throughout Albania, which could not work without qualified personnel, the staff has about 2.4 thousand employees. The mission of Albanian Post is to remain the powerhouse of postal and financial services in the country, providing the client with the highest quality of service. The company’s goal is to strengthen the position and improve the reputation of the service in the service market, striving to achieve standards on par with the regional Post and outside the region.

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Which countries does Albania Post work with?

Since 2018, Albania Post has launched a new express delivery service abroad called Super Express Mail (SEM). This is the fastest foreign service ever offered by Albania Post in cooperation with postal companies that occupy an important part of the world markets.

The deadline for delivery of objects to their destination is 24 hours from the moment of departure of the object from Albania for shipments destined for Europe and 48 hours for other countries of the world such as America , Canada , Asia, etc. Delivery times: up to 24 hours for export from Albania to all major business centers in Europe (from the moment the shipment leaves Albania) and up to 48 hours for export from Albania to all major business centers in Europe. The delivery time is calculated separately for the rest of the world, for example, the USA, Canada, Asia, etc.

The new service aims to significantly improve the operation of express mail abroad, complementing the range of services offered without affecting existing services such as express mail (EMS), registered or basic services.

EMS is a secure solution for the delivery of mail: documents and goods up to 20 kg. This service is backed by flawless logistics and a postal network of more than 500 post offices across the country. Since 2000, Albania Post has been a full member of the EMS cooperative, which includes 140 postal administrations. Membership in the UPU for Albania Post requires compliance with all European and global standards, which means timely delivery of EMS services, tracking and correct response to customer requests.

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How to check the parcel by the track number of the Albania Post

In order to be informed about the result of sending an object by EMS and Super Express Mail, Albania Post, through the electronic service TRACK and TRACE, provides customers with the ability to track the cargo at any time.

You can check the parcel of the Albania Post by the identifier, it is located next to the barcode of the order in the bill of lading or the message that the client will receive after registering the cargo. The unique code has a generally accepted form that complies with UPU standards: Latin letters, then nine digits, two letters indicating the sending country. For example: RR000011256AA.

In order to check the package using the Albanian Post code, you need to go to the official website of the service in the TRACK and TRACE section. Then, in the tracking field, enter the number without spaces and additional characters, click the “Track” button.

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Posta Shqiptare Mail Tracking

There are several ways to track the parcel of Albania Post. For example, using the official website of the company. To do this, click on “Click and Track” and then enter the track number of the shipment in the window that opens.

However, it is worth noting that this method is only suitable for tracking parcels at the time of their transportation by this service. As soon as the parcel is transferred to another company, tracking will need to be continued on the website of another service.

Another and more convenient way is to use Parceltrack. The service automatically determines the delivery service by the departure number and continues to track the parcel even if the mail carrier changes.

Albania Post Tracking Tracking number format

The number of registered mail items of this service complies with the requirements of the Universal Postal Union, and is a 13-digit alphanumeric format. For example:


Rx – registered postal item weighing no more than 2 kg;
Cx – international parcel (more than 2 kg);
Ex – EMS shipments
x – any letter of the Latin alphabet to make the postal identifier unique.

AL is an abbreviation code indicating delivery by Albania Post.

Package statuses

Posta Shqiptare shipments can be tracked no earlier than 2-3 days after the cargo is registered. After entering the track number of the parcel, the client will see full information about the current status of the order and can trace the previous shipment path. All cargo statuses will be in Albanian or English; on the Posta Shqiptare website.

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Albania Post parcel tracking statuses

Objekti u fut ne thes / Insert item into bag (Otb)
Objekti u pranua ne zyren e shkembimit / Receive item at office of exchange (Otb)
Pranim objekti nga klienti / Receive item from customer
Scan to transport / Scan to transport
Mberritje objekti ne destinacion / Receive item at location (Otb)
Objekti u dergua ne zyren destinacion / Send item to domestic location (Inb)
U pranua objekt nga jashte / Receive item from abroad (EDI-received)
Objekti u nxor nga thesi per perpunim / Receive item at location (Inb)
Objekti u dorezua / Deliver item (Inb)
Objekti u pranua ne zyren e shkembimit / Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)

About Albania Post :

Albania Post has more than a century of history, providing postal services to the population of the country and providing international delivery of items. Since 1913, it has been a member of the Universal Postal Union, which allows its users to track the parcel by the track number, which is provided to all registered items.

At the moment, the company has more than 500 post offices throughout the country, which employ about 2,400 people. International delivery is provided through cooperation with a variety of postal and courier services, which allows us to provide various types of services, from standard budget shipments to EMS shipments.

Telephone: +355 682044727

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