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Omniva Tracking – Omniva international tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from Omniva POST

Omniva Tracking - Parcel Omniva Tracking lv


EESTI POST or Omniva, as it is now called, – state. postal services operator of the Republic of Estonia. Founded in 1991, and since 2014 has received the current international name Omniva. Form of ownership: state joint-stock company, one hundred percent of whose shares are owned by the Republic of Estonia.

Omniva has been a member of the European postal organization PostEurop since 1994, and also joined the Baltic Postal Union in the same year. The state itself is a member of the Universal Postal Union, which is a guarantee of the provision of quality postal services.

Estonian Post is engaged not only in the forwarding of items in its own country and abroad, but also provides courier delivery services.


So, you’ve been waiting for your package for a couple of months, but the notification in the mailbox still hasn’t appeared? Anything can affect this: from customs to a negligent postman who simply lost the notice. For this, they made it possible to track the cargo of Estonia Post.

You can track your Estonia Post parcel in several ways:

1. At the branch of the local postal operator. This method is suitable for you if you have a couple of hours of free time, since the queues at the post offices in Russia and the CIS countries are endless.

2. Track the order of Estonia Post, if you ordered goods in an online store, then most of them have the opportunity to obtain information about the location of your cargo. This method is inconvenient in that all the data is updated by the seller, and mostly in manual mode. He may have hundreds or even thousands of buyers like you, so it is possible that the information will not be up to date.

3. You can also track the parcel of Estonia Post on the website of the postal operator. This option is suitable for those who are waiting for only one Estonia Post parcel from a specific country.

4. Well, the most convenient option for you to track the parcel of Estonia Post is to use universal tracking services, like ours. It doesn’t matter where and how many parcels you receive, whether it is a product from a Chinese online store, or from relatives from another country, all of them can be tracked with us.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to track Estonia Post shipments, which one to use is up to you.

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In order to locate your shipment, you will need a tracking number. It is usually issued to the sender, when paying for transportation services, you can find it on the receipt.

Tracking an Estonia Post parcel by number is very simple. Just enter the track number in the search box on our website. This number looks the same as any others, that is, an alphanumeric code. Estonia Post track is as follows:

RT000000000EE – small package;

CA000000000EE – Estonia Post regular parcel;

· EE000000000EE – express package.

Be that as it may, there is always the possibility that your package may be lost or delayed in customs. To avoid such incidents, and to be calm for the safety of your cargo, we have created a convenient site for all users, since there is nothing superfluous on it. With us you can track the parcel of Estonia Post, or any other postal operator. Using our site, you will be sure that you will not forget to receive your package before it is sent back to the sender.


Valduses tollHeld by customs
lõplik kohaletoimetaminefinal delivery
Ebaõnnestunud kohaletoimetamineUnsuccessful delivery
Sisaldub dispetšerisIncluded in Dispatch
Saabumine väljapoole OEArrival at Outwards OE
Lahkumine sissepoole suunatud OE-stDeparture from inward OE
Saabus Dest Country (R)Arrived to Dest Country (R)
Saabunud OE importiArrived to OE Import
Saabus kohaletoimetamise kontorisseArrived to Delivery Office
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