EntroPay Virtual Credit Card Not Reliable

Since Paypal does not support all countries and debit cards,People started to find out alternative options to make payment globally.Entropay does it job quite well.Entropay offers both VISA and Mastercard virtual prepaid credit cards.

You need to join Entropay to get these virtual credit cards.You can top up your credit card from minimum $5 to maximum $3000 if they unlocked your card limitation.You can use these virtual credit cards in Paypal from add cards section.Go to adding zone and enter all the card details to link your credit card with Paypal.

Entropay Virtual Credit Card Not Reliable

However above paragraph describe Entropay’s positive side but it has also negative feedback from many users.I have tested personally and I am confirmed they are not reliable when it comes to top up large amount.

I have tested several times and found that it really steal your money without any notification.Last time when I needed to make payment in Fiverr I saw that they charged extra $0.50 cents and I sent mail regarding this charge but they send same traditional email format to me which other users also received.Let me show you the screenshot.

entropay deduct money

My expenses was just $5.83 and extra cost applied $0.50 cents it could be more if you spend large amount.

Recently I was reading some of the forums about Entropay service but those feedbacks also very negative which prove its not reliable.One user lost his $10,000 when he received $10,000 in his virtual card for gambling.

Conclusion : Entropay helps to create virtual VISA and Mastercard which can be perfect for small amount transaction.Its not recommended to use for transaction the large amount,you could lose all the money.

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