How To Get Refund When You Cheated By Someone

In my earlier post I have written How To Avoid Cheaters From Daily Life.But what next? If you already been cheated by someone,it may be from any shopping  site,local retailer or service provider.This post will guide you to manage this situation and even you can get your money back.

Before starting you need to understand what exactly cheating term refer? You call yourself cheated when you don’t get your expected product or services.Sometimes you lose total money but get nothing from the other side.

How can I deal with them ? There are certain steps which can bring back your money but you need to follow them without losing patience.

  1. Just Relax : Yes,this sounds awkward but this is the first effective step to keep your mind cool as much as possible.Forget about your previous mistakes and stop feeling guilty yourself.Its not the time to analysis “what you have done” rather “what you have to do” .
  2. Keep All Transaction Record : Whenever you spend money using bank it automatically generates transaction record with date and descriptions. Mark the particular transaction number and total amount which have been deducted from your account. Don’t mix up all transactions record with each other as it will recognize your spending.
  3. For Online Shopping/other services : Most of the people give up when they lose money for online expenditure.You can easily get your money back but you need patience.
  4. Take Screenshot : Take all the screenshot of product and its features.Cheaters they can change the product features and brand immediately if they get any trouble from your side.Capture all screenshots to ensure that you have ordered right product.
  5. Prove You have existing account : Believe or not it happened with many users,when they forced to refund money they found there is no account.It has been deleted or either log in failed forever.Log in to your account immediately take all screenshots of your profile and shopping cart.
  6. Appeal For Refund : Send mail regarding your refund,mention all the details from the beginning and reason of refund.Now wait atleast 2 weeks, if still you don’t get any reply it means they are ignoring your message.
  7. Contact over phone : you know they don’t want to refund but pretend like you are normal and not loosing temper while talking.Always try to manipulate them so that they send atleast one email to you regarding refund.
  8. Record Conversations : Do you have smartphone ? Great use it to record your each conversation.
  9. Take Help of Consumer Forum: If you are resident of India you must probably heard about national consumer forum. You can register your complaint with all details they can help you a lot. For other countries contact with the authority who do the same job.
  10. Last but not the least keep in touch with legal authorities and do what they advise.

Hope this post will help you to recover your money from cheaters and next time be more careful before spending.

Intaj Mondal
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