Bing Search Feedback,Send Search Feedback To Bing

Bing Search Feedback

I have a post earlier regarding Google search feedback,today you will learn how to send search feedback to Bing.Bing is a powerful search engine which offers several searching option.Besides searching on Bing you can earn Bing rewards free.If you really want to help Bing then you can send feedback to improve their search engine performance.

You don’t need to be a citizen of United States as it’s for everyone.Bing feedback lets you share your suggestions,like or dislike.Follow simple steps below to submit feedback :

      • Land to Bing search engine homepage
      • Now jump to the bottom part of Bing

bing search feedback menu

        • Find the feedback option in the right side of the horizontal menubar.
        • Click on feedback and select any radio button (suggestion – Like or dislike)
        • Describe your suggestion in the below box within 400 characters.

bing search feedback form

      • Now send feedback.

You will receive message

Thank you for helping to make Bing better.

To hear back from us about your feedback in the future, sign in to your Microsoft account.

Note : if you want to protect your privacy please do not include name or email address in the feedback box.

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