Spain Post Tracking – Online Correos España Tracking

Spain Post Tracking - Online Correos España Tracking

Spain Post Tracking – Correos España Tracking to know parcel, package, speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from SPAIN POST

Spain Post Tracking - Online Correos España Tracking

The Spanish postal service dates back to 1716. Since then, it has managed to become the best provider of physical, digital and postal communications in Spain, operating with efficiency, quality and sustainability, with the best professionals, the largest territorial presence and the most innovative equipment. Now Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos, SA is part of the life of Spanish citizens.

Which countries does the Spanish Post work with?

Currently, the Spanish mail is called Correos. This is a whole group that consists of Correos and its subsidiaries Correos Express, Nexea and Correos Telecom. All of these organizations are present in the physical and digital communications sector, as well as in the parcel market, occupying a leading position in the non-urgent transport segment and have become a benchmark for the e-commerce sector.

Correos is owned by GRUPO SEPI, a business holding that includes 15 companies with direct or controlling participation, with a staff of more than 78 thousand people. The company is also a shareholder of RTVE Corporation.

Regionally, Correos is present not only in the Spanish territory, it has several dozen offices in Andorra. Postal shipments are made to all EU countries, Americas, Russia and the CIS countries.

Spanish Post is globally divided into 2 types: small parcels (weighing no more than 2 kg) and parcels (their weight ranges from 2-30 kg). Correos is a reference company in the Spanish postal market and one of the main postal operators, especially in the e-commerce sector, thanks to the excellence, trust and reliability of its services, as well as a global, physical and digital offer to serve the needs of each customer segment.

Other Correos services include:

  • logistics for online stores;
  • sending online packages;
  • Financial services;
  • sale of postal products, etc.


Pay attention to some nuances:

  • The order is tracked online;
  • You can no longer worry about the safety of the parcel, because. you can follow it from loading through Correos Spain to arriving at your local post office in your city.
  • For the convenience of working directly with the Spanish site, we recommend using an automatic translator of Internet pages;
  • Do not panic if your package does not move for several days – the speed of delivery depends on many factors, including distance and weather conditions, which mail employees cannot influence;
  • Moreover, immediately after paying for the goods, it is impossible to track the shipment – it takes about a week to collect it, pack it, register it, after which the order is sent to the sorting point and becomes “visible” for tracking services;
  • Remember – if you received a notification that the product was lost, you can apply for its search;
  • Also, keep an eye on the protection period of the order – if after its expiration the shipment has not arrived, you have every right to demand a refund.

Our will help you keep track of several parcels from Correos Spain and other global postal companies at the same time. We also provide the ability to track the shipment, even if you do not know from which country it was sent.  

In order to do this, register on our website, enter the track number in the appropriate field and click “Search”. Next to this button, you can see information about the approximate terms of delivery of goods by this company – this is a summary schedule based on data from other users.  


The Spanish service Correos Spain is engaged in tracking postal items through specialized identifiers. There is no need to doubt the reliability of the service – it is in full state ownership.

If you have a track number (eng. Spain Post Tracking Number), you can track the package  from Spain using the local postal organization – Correos Spain. A unique tracking code is a set of letters and numbers; it is assigned to each parcel immediately after its registration – this service is completely free, and the seller, after receiving the code, transfers it to the client.

In order to track a parcel from Spain by number, you need to go to the Correos Spain website, enter the code in a special line and press “Enter”. All the information available for your order will appear on the screen – the date the code was assigned, the time of departure, where the goods are currently located, etc.

Tracking of postal items from Spain

The possibilities for international online shopping are virtually endless. Online shopping is blurring the boundaries, and now people can buy goods from different countries around the world. Spanish products are of interest to the inhabitants of many countries for good reason. These products are of excellent quality and bright style. Designer clothes, shoes, accessories from Spain have always been of interest to buyers who prefer an unusual, pronounced design and bold ideas.

Spain Post shipments are tracked in real time. Modern technologies allow you to track the package from Spain, which means that you no longer need to worry about the safety of the order. To track the Correos ES package, you need to know the track number of the order. The unique code is registered by the postal clerk upon receipt of the Spain Post package.

By the identification number, anyone can find out where the package is. To track the parcel of the Spanish Post by the track number, you need to enter the order code in the special tracking field “Sigue tu envío” on the website of the carrier company or in the tracking field on any specialized service. The code is assigned to all parcels sent by Correos without exception.

The Correos ES tracking code consists of two capital letters written in Latin at the beginning, followed by 9 digits, and always the letters ES after them. The initial letter depends on the type of shipment: for small packages – R, C for parcels and E for EMS shipments. At the end of the track number, the letters ES indicate the country of origin of the carrier, this is the international standard.

Spain Post tracking statuses

Correos ES trackingis possible when the shipment is handed over for delivery to local courier services . Until this moment, all statuses indicating the movement of the parcel will be in Spanish (if you look at the international EMS website, in English), for example:

  • pre-registrado – pre-registration;
  • arrival at the international office of destination – llegada a la oficina internacional de destino;
  • en tránsito – on the road.

Correos ES makes it very easy to check the status of your cargo and be up to date at any time, wherever you are.

Spain Post Parcel Tracking Statuses

Salida de la Oficina Internacional de origenDeparture from the International Office of origin
Llegada a la Oficina Internacional de destinoArrival at the International Office of destination
En proceso de entregaIn delivery process
Salida del envío desde la oficina de cambio de destinoShipment departure from destination exchange office
en tránsitoin transit
Envío pendiente de ser recogido en CorreosShipment pending to be picked up at Post Office
Proceso de importación finalizado: devuelto por no completar el procesoFinished import process – Returned for not completing the process
En el proceso de importación – Presupuesto enviado proceso de importaciónIn the process of importation – Budget sent import process
En el proceso de importación – Documentación recibida del destinatarioIn the process of importation – Documentation received from the recipient
No admitidoUnadmitted

Shopping and Spain Post tracking Facility

The possibilities of international online shopping are almost endless. The existence of online stores blurs the boundaries, and now people can purchase goods from all over the world. Deserved interest among buyers is the products of Spain. These things are famous for their excellent quality and bright stylistic solutions. Branded clothes, shoes, accessories made in Spain have long attracted the attention of people who prefer expressive design and bold ideas. European products of famous brands are often chosen by buyers with impeccable taste. It is worth noting that the delivery of purchases is carried out using the state postal service. Spain Post provides tracking of postal items online. Modern technologies allow you to fully trace the path of the cargo, which means that you no longer need to worry about its safety.

To track Correos, you need to know the Spain Post tracking number of the shipment. A unique code is assigned by postal employees immediately after the package is issued. The identifier is transferred to the client absolutely free of charge, so tracking the Correos parcel does not require additional financial costs. Thanks to the alphanumeric identifier, everyone can easily find out the location of their cargo.

Just enter the track number in the special line of the portal and click the “Find” button. After that, all known information about this shipment will appear on the screen. As you can see, to track Correos, you do not need to have special knowledge and skills. Our service takes care of its users, so it has simplified the search system to the maximum. For those who are waiting for parcels from different online stores, the portal has prepared a special service. As soon as a person registers, he can store several tracking numbers in his account at once. Thanks to this, Spain Post customers track mail items as quickly as possible. When the status of the parcel changes, information about this is sent to e-mail.

Spain Post Reviews :

CC0********ES not received in 110 days

The parcel for 110 days did not reach Russia from Spain !!!!!. Wanted.!!!! There are no words!!!!

— May 24written by olga.koroleva1976

RF2********ES not received in 106 days

The parcel never arrived. The Russian Post says that it did not come to customs, the Spanish post that was sent to customs. How can I find out where my package ended up, no one can say.

— May 18, wrote rockarh

RR3********TR received in 23 days

The catalogs came wet with the flu. It cost me a lot, I paid in Turkey and also in Spain for 650 gr. I paid 19,€

— May 8, written by yermolinatatiana

CC0********ES received in 34 days

Thanks! For the fast and high-quality delivery of the package! SPAIN – RUSSIA Birthday present for my mom!

— May 8, wrote mara.ivanova.73

RF2********ES received in 23 days

I want to thank the postal staff for the good work. The letter arrived safe and sound without delay.

— May 2, wrote bdoun

CW2********ES not received in 86 days

Disgusting work of the post office in Spain. It seems that in 54 days the package never left Spain. They were put on the wanted list both in Russia and in Spain. no answer

— April 30, wrote irina.filatovaval

RA2********RU received in 11 days

Huge thank you to all of you!!! The parcel arrived in 11 days. Everything is safe and sound. Thank you all again. I wish you all the best! Thanks again for your hard work and for our support. I hug everyone!

— April 3wrote nata3104

RO1********RU received in 17 days

A registered letter from Russia to Spain was delivered within 17 days. I tracked the shipping route, everything went well. Thank you for the clear and well-coordinated work.

— March 28, wrote 2011victory

Support phone number in Spain: 902 197 197

Spanish Post tracking official website:

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