How To Make Indian Passport Online

make indian passport online

Passport is must if you are planning to visit abroad.We have seen that people who wanted their passport they need to do it offline.Now you can do it online staying at home,for that you need internet connection and make an account in official site of Indian passport.But still people they don’t know and they pay extra,I mean huge extra charge.

Normally you need rs.1500/- to 2000/- as per passport pages( If you passport page 32 then it rs.1500-/ and for 64 pages it charges = rs .2000/-). But some agencies who just do this simple work for you and they charge to you Rs.5000/- and more.Now I ask to them why you will pay them? you can also do it just you have to know the online procedure.
Today in my post i will show you how I have made my passport online step by step with out paying to third party or taking their help.Follow the easy steps below.


N.B – Please note if your date of birth is after 1990 then you need “BIRTH CERTIFICATE”. So if you don’t have birth certificate then please don’t apply,first take the birth certificate from your local hospital or for village from (B.D.O office)

Example :

01.02.1989 – No need Birth Certificate

01.01.1990  –  Need  Birth Certificate

  1. To apply online, first you need to visit the official website of Indian passport.I am giving the website name or you can find it by typing in Google. 

  1. Now you have to register yourself ,Click the red circle area in .Now you will see the registration page where you have to submit details.

Put there your nearest passport office,your name and surname,DOB,active email id,

If you want to do your email id as user name then select the “yes” option under “Do you want log in id to be same as email id” in this field.

  1. Give password (Password should be mixed of upper case,lower case and digit)
  1. Now choose hint question and put the answer that you can remember in future.Enter the captcha and click the register button.

After successful registration you will see the above message ,now go back to your email and confirm your account by clicking their confirmation link.

  1. After verification go to log in area and put your username (if did your email as user name then simply put your email there)  and log in to enter in your account.


You can apply your passport offline or online.Since we are talking about online application then choose the “alternative 2” method.It is much easier than other methods.

  1. Now you will be asked for passport type.If you need passport emergency then click “Tatkaal” but it will charge more.I have done my passport normal .You can also choose the passport booklet,it can be 32 to 64 pages.If choose 64 pages then charge will be little high.After selection then click next.
  1. Again you have to fill up the details.Please ensure that you are typing it carefully as if anything is wrong then it will create problem in future to issue your passport.
  1. Now comes family details ,here put your father and mother’s name.If you have legal guardian then put name there (normally it is your father as he is your legal guardian)click the next .
  1. Type your present address,month and year since you living there,house and street no,city,state,district,police station,pin code,working mobile no,active email id,choose yes if your permanent address is same with present address and click next.
  1. Though you have mentioned your contact details in previous page but for emergency put the contact details carefully. Click next
  1. Reference boxes contains the name and address of people who have done their passport already.Don’t worry,take a little information that who have done their passport in your locality.If you don’t have such kind of information then simply put any name and address of your close neighbor.(But this only applicable when you don’t have any option)Click next.
  1. Now you will see a page about “previous passport”. Simply ignore it by clicking on “No” as you don’t have any passport.Click next.
  1. Fill up the other details.I don’t have criminal record or any case pending so i have marked “no”. You do it carefully by reading the lines.Click next.

14 . Now give the self declaration and save the your details .You will also see below submit form,Click the the submit form too.

After submitting you will get the massage that your application form has been submitted successfully .

  1. Now its time to take appointment to to show all your details offline.To get appointment you have to pay online.Click the “pay and schedule appointment”

If you want to pay it by debit card or credit card then select the first option.See the above pic.Or you can pay from SBI branch.Click next.

16 . You will get the next page with your reference no,name and date of birth.

I got this message with my name,You will also get information like this before paying.Now click pay and book appointment with your card.

N.B – You can see the appointment date .You have to visit on this particular date.Please note that after your payment,its not refundable so do it carefully.

If you face any problem then simply comment below I will try to solve it.Thanks and please don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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