How To Carry All Documents Anywhere And Anytime

We often use large file to carry all the documents for interview,jobs,education or any other purpose.While carrying you may lose your important documents which can ruin you.

Okay this post is not going to be so long.It just simple tip to those who are busy with their daily work.You may sometime forget to take your documents from home which will pause your work.

So let me share this tip with you.First take all your documents and go to your nearest cyber cafe and scan all the documents.

Now come back to home and log in your email and upload all the documents to store.So its now on web,you can access it from anywhere and anytime.

Note : Please set strong password to your email so that it always get protected (Recommended emailĀ  – Gmail).If you need to show original documents then it may not work for you.

Let me know did you enjoy this tip or not.If you like this post please share the post with your friends.

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