Get All Size CSS Buttons Using Single CSS Code

CSS gives your site a beautiful look but when you insert too many CSS codes it may slow down your site performance as well as page speed. Since you need to design your input buttons you have to use CSS code anyhow. But this time you are going to get all kind of CSS buttons using single code.

all css button using single code

This post will guide you to download and set up the code for your website or blog.The entire code is created by Unicorn and you can download the code from their official website.

Download the CSS code hereUnicorn CSS code.

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How to insert this code ? Like all other CSS file you need to follow same rule for inserting their CSS. Follow the step by step guide :

  1. First Download the CSS code from their official website
  2. Now upload the CSS file in root folder (using Cpanel)
  3. Place this link after <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”your file.css”> after <HEAD> tag in your site.
  4. Now just use different SHAPES & SIZES as you wish inserting particular link. See example below :

how to insert button in site

Here I want use “thumbs up” CSS which is at number three from first count.I have marked the code with red arrow  which you need to insert in your HTML page or body where you want to display the button.

Feel free to contact me if you have any installation problem – happy to help you

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