How To Get Better Chat Support Online

How To Get Better Chat Support Online

We always recommend product or services of a company which has excellent customer support.It applies to any industry.Since we mostly talk about online support,you can find a lot of alternative support options.For an example, if you are hosting with BlueHost,you will havet 1. Phone Support 2. Email support 3. Chat support.Let’s discuss regarding how to get better chat support.

I am hosting with Hostgator and I often go for their chat support.I always prefer chat support as comparing other supports it is more comfortable.Well let me discuss why I avoid :

Phone Support : No doubt it is a very effective and powerful way to help.You can see almost all billion dollar companies they provide toll-free support.You won’t be charged single penny while talking over the phone with them.But you may need to wait long time to clear long queue.I guess you get them very quick but you can’t elaborate your issue properly.Customer care executives may face the unclear voice.You need to stay in a noiseless place which not possible for everyone those who especially live in a city.

Email Support : 24 hrs email support is an another popular method to get customers feedback.However, you can mail your problem regarding products or services.I have personally used this before when I order some item from Amazon USA.I emailed them regarding tracking ID and I got the reply very quick.Here I must say please do not compare Amazon with other companies.For your information, Amazon is world’s most customer-centric company.In the case of other service providers normally gets delay and you lose patience.

Better Chat Support

I love Chat Support :
Before using any services it’s good to check whether the company provides chat support or not.If they have chat support it means you are free from cost and trouble.

morning is the best time to chat

Morning Time :
Chat supports generally available 24 hrs.The morning time is the best time to chat.Just think wisely,how fresh you are in several parts of a day.The answer will be morning.Customer care units operated by human beings, not a machine,therefore the same mood apply to them.In the morning, you will get cleared queue .Besides that, you can discuss your problem minutely as they won’t bore at the begging of the day.

better chat support phrase

Use Smart Phrase :
I have experience that single customer care executive manages multi chat windows.Therefore, when you describe your problem and wait for their reply it takes more time than expected.So here you can use some phrases that will actually force them to resolve your issue as soon as possible.Whenever you feel that its taking time use “Are you there ?” “Are you offline ?” “Do you need more time ?” these words.I can assure that you will get a quick reply as if you leave chat leaving these messages that mean you are forced to offline.This is a very bad effect on that particular person who was helping you.He or she needs to apologize to the head of the support unit.

Force to listen all queries :
Stay long until you get the solution.Use “I am not satisfied” or “I am very Dissatisfied with your answer” – this will exactly help you to start from the beginning.

So far chatting is the best support method,where you can present all details even with picture and URL.

let me know how it helps,Please share your experience while having chat…

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