USPS Tracking – USPS Shipment Tracking

USPS Tracking – USPS Shipment Tracking

USPS is the United States Postal Service which first introduced its service in 1775 with the hand of Benjamin Franklin.USPS has grown with the new technology to change the America.Now all the United states postal service Activities maintained by USPS.In some countries of the world, public postal services are in no way inferior to private services, guaranteeing customers fast delivery of items and the ability to monitor them on their way to the recipient. Among these services is the US state mail USPS, which successfully operates on five continents, invariably surprising with low prices, efficiency and the ability to track US mail parcels throughout their journey.

USPS Tracking – USPS Shipment Tracking

The geography of the US mail

Given the high level of demand for postal services, the United States public service USPS successfully delivers cargo and small mail items to more than 170 countries. The route of transportation is selected depending on the distance and may include the so-called transit points, where the parcels undergo additional processing. All points of temporary stay of the cargo are displayed when tracking mail items by US mail identifier, which reduces the risk of cargo loss and allows you to clarify its location at any time.

USPS Russia Mail Tracking

To provide recipients with the ability to track the package using the USPS mail track number, each shipment is assigned a unique identifier. It is enough to enter it into the appropriate form on the website of the postal service or international service to clarify the current status of the shipment and view the route of its shipment. The track number is issued to the sender of the goods at the time of receipt and registration of the parcel in the office and remains unchanged throughout the route to the addressee.

How To Track USPS Post ? USPS improved their tracking system for live and fast parcel update.You have several options to track your package.Some of the most common ways of tracking are :

Use Web Tracking Facility : You can use their web tracking tray where you need to put your shipment number and it will show you the current status of your package.This box contain upto 35 numbers separated by comma.Its the most easiest and biggest tracking solution for USPS package tracking.

Receiving TEXT alerts : You can know your parcel status using your phone.In this method you need to send SMS with your package number to 28777 (2USPS™) to get the latest shipment update.
For any reason if you are not available to receive the parcel then you can Provide Delivery Instructions to your carrier

Track number format

Depending on the format of the mail item and its dispatch through various US Post offices, the track number for tracking USPS mail parcels has one of the following formats:

  • CA………US — package from the USPS Priority service;
  • EA………US – package with USPS Express Mail;
  • LA………US – shipment from USPS First Class Mail, which does not provide the option of tracking parcels through the mail of America;
  • RA………US – letter or package.

Letters and digital combinations are selected taking into account the requirements for marking postal items:

  • the first two letters indicate the type of cargo;
  • the first 8 digits of the number are a unique code, thanks to which you can check the package by the US mail number in the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries;
  • the last digit in the number is a verification code that allows you to verify the correct marking of the parcel;
  • the last two letters are the code of the country from which the shipment was sent.

In order to track the parcel by the track number from America, the recipient must ask the sender for the track number of the cargo. This will allow you to calculate the approximate delivery time and control the movement of the parcel on the way to the destination.

Tracking Number Format : USPS offers different services and it changes the tracking number format.You can see the tracking format in below table

Certified Mail®9404 1004 0002 0080 0100 00
7040 0400 0000 0300 0000
Collect on Delivery9303 3000 0200 0000 0700 00
M000 0900 00
Global Express Guaranteed®82 080 000 00
Priority Mail Express International™EC 000 010 000 US
Priority Mail Express™9870 1000 0000 0700 0000 00
EA 000 000 000 US
Priority Mail International®CP 000 030 000 US
Priority Mail®9205 5040 0000 0000 0040 00
1400 0000 0007 0000 0300
Registered Mail™9208 8000 0700 0000 0040 00
RA 006 000 070 US
Signature Confirmation™9202 1000 0000 4000 0000 00
2300 0000 0040 0000 0000
USPS Tracking®9400 1000 0060 0000 0000 00
0300 0000 0000 4000 0060

Basic parcel statuses

All statuses are displayed in English, however, their translation is usually not difficult, because. they are formed taking into account the indications of international standards and accurately indicate the current status of the parcel (at clearance, at customs, it should go to the country of destination, etc.). The following notations often cause difficulties in translation:

  • Electronic Shipping Info Received – information about a new package has been received at the post office;
  • Arrived at Sort Facility – the parcel is in the process of sorting;
  • Depart USPS Sort Facility – the cargo has left the sorting center and is following a further route;
  • Customs Clearance – the cargo is at customs and undergoes the necessary documentary procedures.

In some cases, the status is maintained for several days. Most often this is caused by a failure of the tracking program, which is eliminated within two to three days.

USPS Customer Service : If you want any help or have shipment query you can directly contact with their official support team through visiting their support page here.

USPS Contact Details :
USPS® Customer Service
Call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777)
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET
Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM ET
Website –

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