sendblaster pro review

SendBlaster Pro Review,A Thorough Look at Their Email Software

sendblaster pro review

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SendBlaster Pro Review – SendBlaster is a bulk email Marketing software which you can use for sending unlimited emails. This software is very popular for its simple interface and user-friendly setting. Today I will talk about SendBlaster Pro version 4. SendBlaster has introduced a lot of new tools and features through its current version that is  SendBlaster 4. This review will help you to understand it core features and performance.

Sendblaster4 Full Version for $19.99Download (Only For Student)

You can download SendBlaster 4 pro from their official website. You can also download the free trial version just for testing purpose and if you are satisfied then you can make the final payment for the premium version. However while using the software I have tested each and every features that comes with SendBlaster.

SendBlaster Installation Process

Installing the software is very easy and takes few minutes. As soon as you have the setup file you can start installing on your PC. It has few steps which you can see on clicking next button, after successful installation you can create the desktop icon or leave its default setting.

sendblaster message section

SendBlaster welcome screen is really beautiful and has modern interface. The main welcome screen shows you Compose new message icon, Message contacts, Google Analytics integration icon, Tracking reports, Send message later and some other important features. Clicking on each icon to view the main template and setting page.

Let’s get started, the very first thing you have to do is to manage your contacts or subscribers list. So here I would like to mention that you can manage all contacts settings from “List and address option”. This option is located on the left sidebar of SendBlaster . Under “List and address” you can see following options from the drop-down list.

  • Manage list
  • Segments
  • Blacklist
  • Import and export option
  • Manage subscriptions and manage bounce backs

Click on “Import tab” and upload your contacts from your text or Excel sheet. It takes just a few seconds to upload and you can see all the contacts list under “Manager list option.” There is one option called “Blacklist” here you can Blacklist a particular contact that you do not want to send any email or newsletter. Similarly, you can export all the contacts from the “export option” that you have already used.Now as you have uploaded the contact list, it’s time to send email to your subscribers.

How to send Email to Subscribers

In the next section, I will show you how to send email successfully. For sending messages, you have to navigate to the option called “Compose message.” Here you can find the message body and all other necessary fields. They have already some default templates available which can be used instantly. However, if you are ok with simple HTML, you can create your new message body. Give a title in the subject field. If you want to attach images you can do it using attachment icon located under subject line. Now before sending the email, you should check its preview. Click on email preview option on the right sidebar of the message body. When you are done with your message body format settiing you can save it and reuse in future.

You have completed two main important steps for sending unlimited emails.Now third and most important step comes SMTP server setting. Here you have to configure the SMTP mail server setting properly otherwise you cannot send email to anyone. Send button appears on the left side of the message body and you can find all email sending setting fields from there.

At the top of the setting, go to select distribution list. You should select the particular contact list that you want to choose. Now comes to “Send email address field“. Here put your email address from where the email will be sent. The recipient will see your email, so make sure that you have provided the right and valid email address. If you don’t want to put any email address in the next section that is called “Reply to email address” just leave it blank. You can put your own name or company name in sender name field. I always recommend using SMTP server setting to send emails without any hassle.

Configuring SMTP Server Setting

Configure the SMTP server settings, Get the Mail settings details from your hosting company. Enter all details like email server name, username, password, port number. When you are done just test your connection if it is established that means your settings is ok and you are ready to send emails.

sendblaster smtp setting

So I have discussed the main three basic settings and installation process through this article. I have been using this software for last 2 years and didn’t find any complexity while sending unlimited emails. It does it’s job very well and anybody can set up and send email instantly.

Official Website

Sendblaster Pro Features

  • Layout editor
  • Optional HTML “source editing only” mode
  • Categorized templates
  • Adjust images in place
  • New HTML engine
  • New email templates
  • Custom attachments
  • Integration with MailStyler
  • Import existing .htm or .eml files
  • Personalized email for each subscriber
  • Programmable tags
  • Add calendar events to your message
  • JotForm integration
  • Link checking
  • Mailing List management
  • Segments
  • Unsubscribe replicator
  • Import email addresses and email database
  • Follow-up malings
  • Simple integration with your own website
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe by Email or Web Form
  • Advanced data filter
  • List merging and moving
  • Bounce back and blacklist management
  • ReturnPath address
  • Unlimited lists/groups with unlimited recipients
  • History of opt-ins and opt-outs
  • Mail to new contacts
  • Database maintenance
  • Ready for Windows 10
  • Improvements and new options
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Integrated with TrackReports
  • 1×1 Pixels Tracking
  • Check duplicated emails
  • Complete previous mailings
  • SMTP servers and POP3 profiles
  • SMTP free delivery

See more features at –

Sendblaster Customer Service

The customer service team available for 24/7 hrs.They have online chat support, email support, and international phone support – +1 347 80 93 100

Software Refund policy

The most important marketing strategy of any company is their refund policy.While reviewing the Sendblaster software I found that they provide 100% customer satisfaction.If you are not satisfied you will get the full refund from them.They have 15 days money back guarantee.

Sendblaster Price Chart

SendBlaster Pro 4 $129.00
NEW! Single license (DOWNLOAD ONLY)

Extended Download $9.00
Optional protection against license key loss: should you lose your product activation keys, they will be emailed to you again upon request

Upgrade $59.00
NEW! from release 1.x/2.x/3.x to current release 4

MailStyler 2 Basic $99.00
A professional drag&drop newsletter creator.Build unlimited email templates in a breeze.Enjoy a basic image library (200+ pictures)

MailStyler 2 Pro $199.00
Drag&drop newsletter creator in its full power, Enjoy an advanced image library (2000+ pictures).Get an unlimited cloud space

Email Templates Collection 1 $59.00
300+ professional e-mail templates

Get pro version at a special discount 

SendBlaster 4 Free vs Pro comparison

Features Free edition PRO edition
Number of simultaneous connections 2 100
Send to a maximum of recipients at a time 100 unlimited
Number of lists 2 unlimited
Programmable tags NO YES
Supports file attachments NO YES
Custom attachments NO YES
Segments NO YES
Add calendar events NO YES
List Search engine NO YES
Export mailing list into csv files NO YES
Protection with password NO YES
Domains blacklist NO YES
New templates 150 230
New categorized templates YES YES
Layout editor YES YES
Crop and replace YES YES
Link checking YES YES
Export HTML with images YES YES
Text snippets YES YES
Drafts YES YES
One-click unsubscribe YES YES
Widgets YES YES
Lists stats YES YES
List merging and moving YES YES
Global unsubscribe and bounce YES YES
ReturnPath address YES YES
History of opt-ins and opt-outs YES YES
Better integration with Google services YES YES
Database backup YES YES
Email blacklist YES YES
Bounced mails processing YES YES
Export unreachable addresses after mailing YES YES
Sending mail through built-in SMTP Mail Server YES YES
Sending mail through ISP YES YES
Don’t send duplicate emails YES YES
Create and save personalized templates YES YES
Set CHARSET for Multi Language messages YES YES
Message preview before delivery YES YES
Import messages from EML files with media embedded YES YES
Import messages from HTML files with media embedded YES YES
Multiple connections (Sending many messages at once) YES YES
Integration with mailing list on web site YES YES
Import mailing list from text / csv files YES YES
Import list from Outlook Express YES YES
Import mailing list from web http:// YES YES
Import list from clipboard YES YES
Advanced list filters YES YES
Personalized database fields YES YES
Email merge (create a personalized letter for each recipient) YES YES
Edit mailing list YES YES
One different pop3 account pop3 for each list YES YES
Subscribe/Unsubscribe by E-mail or Web Form YES YES
Record all fields from web form submission YES YES
Printing of lists with print preview YES YES
Create HTML code for Subscribe/Unsubscribe Web Form YES YES
Message with both HTML and Text and/or alternate TXT YES YES
Can send multi-part HTML messages with embedded images YES YES
Unlimited mailing projects YES YES
Catch text from HTML for plain text messages YES YES

But still, if you want to hear pros and cons of this software I can say:

Sendblaster Pros

  • Software is very easy to setup and the settings page very user-friendly
  • You can send unlimited emails with premium version
  • You can track email reports after sending an email. It shows how many users have opened emails and how many emails are bounced as well.
  • You can filter the duplicate email and make a fresh contact list
  • You can integrate Google Analytics with this software
  • You can save multiple SMTP server setting and use it for future purpose
  • You can take live snapshot and load the pictures instantly
  • There are lot other features which really separate this software from other email Marketing software

Sendblaster4 Pro Cons

So far software cons, It is little expensive but comparing it features its ok.

Sendblaster Review – Our rating of Sendblaster

  1. Customer service – 4.5/5
  2. Price – 3.9/5
  3. Features – 5/5
  4. Speed – 5/5
Concluding this Sendblaster Pro Review

Since we are using the software on regular basis we didn’t find any issues with the software function.Sendblaster offers the free trial and upgrade version.You have the option to test the software before buying from them.However, if you make final payment and still not satisfied with their service you can ask for full refund from them.However, those who are looking for software for the cheap price they might find quite expensive software.Ultimately this software is fully loaded with tons of features.One can easily set up and use the software.For successful email marketing, this software can be recommended to everyone.

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Sendblaster is the premium bulk email marketing software.It offers 300+ beautiful templates and advanced layout for sending emails.You can setup SMTP server setting easily and import thousands of email in your contact list.Hope that helps.

sendblaster software inside

Sendblaster Pro


Software Performance


Refund Policy




Customer Support


Setting Mail



  • 15 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy SMTP Server Setting
  • Send Unlimited Emails
  • Advanced Email Filtering
  • Tracking Reports & Google Analytics Integration


  • Software is Expensive
  • Upgrade fee is high