How To Unsubscribe Unknown Mail From Gmail

Gmail is free a email service provided by Google which innovative technology helps to keep spam out of your inbox.You can get your free Gmail account through registering with Gmail official site.

One Gmail account fulfills all your demand,its from apps installation to getting Google Adsense account.We often use our Gmail account to get the monthly newsletter from some certain sites.Those site promise you that they will never share your email with anyone else but they do share.Marketing companies pays fatty cash to purchase these active emails and most probably the reason is for marketing their products through these emails for more sale.

You may get hundred of unknown emails containing all promotional offers or irrelevant product information everyday.However you can simply unsubscribe your email from their list through your inbox.

How to Unsubscribe ? Go to your inbox and find the particular email which you don’t like.

  1. Open email to unsubscribe.
  2. Now go to bottom area and search “you can always unsubscribe with one click” or “Unsubscribe from the list”.

How To Unsubscribe Unknown Mail From Gmail

Now you will not get any future email from that particular company.Share your feedback

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