How To Know Mobile Number Network Company

know mobile number network company

If you get SMS,calls from unknown mobile number which is not in your contact list,you need to know about that number details.In my earlier post I have mentioned How To Know Mobile Number details.This post will share you a simple tip to find out mobile number’s network company.

Only Indian mobile numbers have been tested so I recommend the post to all Indian citizens.First you have to register with one mobile recharge site (It can be any online mobile recharge site).I use Paytm recharge service as they are fast,secure and always refund money on time.

Next step is about to recharge your mobile number but you don’t need to make successful transaction.Just open their recharge tray which tells to fill up all necessary details to recharge like mobile number and recharge amount,its done.

How To Know Unknown Mobile Number Network Company

Here notice carefully when you put the mobile number.Paytm automatically scan your number and filter the network company.Now you can see the name of network operator in the middle box.

Note : If any number MNP done then this method may not work because sometimes the old operator still shows when actual network is different.

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