How To Check Website For Mobile Friendly

Over the past few years mobile users has grown rapidly and its really the best time to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not.Google recently warned that those sites are not responsive for mobile devices they will be disappeared from the search engine very soon.Google wants to provide the best experience to their users therefore if your site has no mobile compatibility then your site rank is in trouble.

However you need to purchase the best mobile responsive theme from some of the popular theme stores online.Many webmasters may have difficulties to check their site is mobile suited or not.Well you don’t need to worry for checking issue as there are several methods available online by which you can easily know the site status.This post will help you to learn about the different methods which are free to test.

Using Google Chrome : The first very easy method is hidden in your own browser,Google chrome has the superb facility inside its function.You need to open your Google chrome browser and type website address in browser address bar.When your site is fully loaded,click the right mouse button in anywhere of your site and got to the option which is called “inspect element”. Now find the small mobile device icon which is located at the upper left corner,just click on it.You will get drop down menu where different device models are available to test.I have tested my site with the device Samsung galaxy S4 which screenshot is below :

select device icon from left corner

mobile friendly test with samsung galaxy

Google Mobile Friendly Tool : Google has their own mobile site friendly checking tool where you just need to paste the URL and it will show you whether its mobile friendly or not.This online service used by million webmasters as everyone trust Google and their original results.So what are you waiting for? check today before Google gives you penalty for this issue.I have checked my blog you can take a look of this below screenshot :

latestweb4 is mobile friendly

Third Party : There are several third parties available which also do the same job but I won’t list all of them.I have used one site which constantly provides the best view and result.This site is called and it has unique options like 1. Portate 2. Landscape 3. Emulation.Besides this option it has devices like apple iphone 5 ,HTC one,Nokia Lumia 920 and more for testing the site view.

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