Azerpost Tracking – Follow up Azerbaijan Post Parcel

Azerpost Tracking - Follow up Azerbaijan Post Parcel

Azerpost Tracking – Azerbaijan Post tracking to know parcel, package, Speedpost ems, delivery status.Get latest shipment status from AZER POST


Azerpost Tracking - Follow up Azerbaijan Post Parcel

Postal communication in Azerbaijan began to develop in the 16th century. The emergence of mail in its modern form dates back to the first half of the 19th century. In 1818, the first post office was opened in Ganja. At the end of the 20th century, with the collapse of the former USSR and the independence of the republic, a new stage in the development of postal services began, and in 1999 the state enterprise Azerpocht was opened.

As the country’s national postal operator, Azerpocht Limited Liability Company currently has the widest service network in the country and provides traditional and non-traditional postal and financial services to all segments of the population, as well as legal entities, at reasonable prices. Computerization of post offices in accordance with modern standards, technical equipment and widespread use of the latest achievements of information technologies in this area fully guarantee the high quality and reliability of the services provided.

At the same time, along with Azerpost LLC, the national postal operator of the country, express delivery and courier mail services are provided to legal entities and individuals through more than 60 private postal operators.

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Geography of work

The postal administration of Azerbaijan joined the Regional Communications Union (RCU) in 1991, the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in 1992, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1993 and the Organization of the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) in early 2000- X.

Azerbaijan’s favorable geographic location opened up the opportunity for it to become a regional postal transit hub (HUB) for international e-commerce.

E-commerce products ordered in China , the world’s main freight transportation center, are accepted from local courier companies operating in the country through Silk Way Airlines, delivered to Azerbaijan and processed by Azerpoct LLC as mail to 15 CIS countries and the world: USA , Germany , Austria, Belarus, UK, Czech Republic, France, Iran, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russian Federation , Turkey , Ukraine. At the same time, based on the agreement between EMS Azerpocht and Estonian Post, EMS items received from the USA and Germany are sent to the Russian Federation through Azerpoct LLC.

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How to check the parcel by the track number of the Azerbaijan Post

Modern technology for sending postal items is based on the principle of assigning a unique postal identifier (barcode) to registered items (registered and declared letters, as well as parcels of all categories) at the time of receipt. At each stage of the transition, you can track the parcel by the code of the Azerbaijan Post, this applies to both domestic and international mail, via the Internet, entering the postal identifier information into a single accounting and control system.

The postal identifier, consisting of 13 characters (four letters, 9 digits), is indicated as its number on the receipt issued upon receipt of postal items. The client can quickly and in detail learn about the current status of his cargo (order) by entering the barcode number in the tracking field on the website of the Azerbaijan delivery service.

Tracking of Azerpost shipments is carried out by a track number, which looks something like this: RR000123698AZ.

Azerpost Tracking statuses

On the official website of Azerbaijan Post, tracking in Russian is available, you just need to select the language in the main menu. The client, having entered the track number of the shipment, will see a message from the system, which will display the route of the cargo, sorting points, the name of the sender and recipient, as well as the approximate delivery time to the recipient country.

Since it will take some time to register the parcel, it is better to track the shipments of Azerbaijan Post 3-5 days after the intended shipment of the cargo.

Azerbaijan Post parcel tracking statuses

Çatdırılma ofisinə gəlişArrival at delivery office
Adət-ən’ənələr üzrə keçirilirHeld by customs
Mübadilənin daxili ofisinə gəlməkArrival at inward office of exchange
Alış-gəlişin zahiri ofisinə gəlməkArrival at outward office of exchange
Mübadilənin daxili ofisindən ayrılmaqDeparture from inward office of exchange
Xarici mübadilə ofisindən ayrılmaqDeparture from outward office of exchange
Son çatdırılmaFinal delivery
İdxal gömrük rüsumlarına təqdim edilən əşyaItem presented to import customs
Gömrükdən geri qaytarılan əşya (import)Item returned from customs (import)
İxrac gömrük/təhlükəsizlikdən geri qaytarılan əşyaItem returned from export customs/security
İxrac gömrük/təhlükəsizliyinə təqdim olunan əşyaItem presented to export customs/security
Uğursuz çatdırılmaUnclaimedItem göndəriciyə qaytarıldıUnsuccessful deliveryUnclaimedItem returned to sender
Uğursuz çatdırılmaIncorrect AddressAttempted çatdırılma bu günUnsuccessful deliveryIncorrect AddressAttempted delivery today
Uğursuz çatdırılmaMissed DeliveryItem saxlanılır, addressee xəbər verilirUnsuccessful deliveryMissed DeliveryItem being held, addressee being notified
Uğursuz çatdırılmaAddressee xahiş öz pick-upItem saxlanılır, addressee xəbər verilirUnsuccessful deliveryAddressee request own pick-upItem being held, addressee being notified
Uğursuz çatdırılmaUnsuccessful delivery
Gömrük komissarına gömrükAwaiting təqdimatı keçirilibHeld by customsAwaiting presentation to customs commissioner
Uğursuz çatdırılmaMissed çatdırılmaAttempted bu gün çatdırılmaUnsuccessful deliveryMissed DeliveryAttempted delivery today
Gömrükdə saxlanılanHigh-value goods – Rəsmi gömrük bəyannaməsi tələb olunurHeld by customsHigh-value goods – Official Customs declaration required
Uğursuz çatdırılmaIncorrect AddressItem göndəriciyə geri qaytarıldıUnsuccessful deliveryIncorrect AddressItem returned to sender

Azerpoct :

About Azerbaijan Post

Azerbaijan Post (Azerpost) is the Azerbaijani state postal operator, a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Responsibilities of the Post: transit of domestic and international shipments, banking and financial services, subscription of periodicals, issue of postage stamps.

Along with other transport and logistics companies, Azerpost serves all destinations and cooperates with national and foreign e-commerce representatives, offering customers various types of delivery, from economical methods to express transportation. Therefore, do not be surprised if, for example, when ordering something on the Gearbest website to Russia or other CIS countries, the parcel will be sent by Azerbaijani post.

According to most buyers, shipping times do not exceed 30 days, but there are cases of delayed delivery. Most are satisfied with the service and speed, because the principle of Azerpost is the quality of postal services, reliability

You can easily track the cargo of any postal operators, including those sent by Azerpost, using the “Where is the parcel” service. In automatic mode, you will be notified of all movements and statuses of expected parcels.

Azerbaijan Post Tracking Reviews :

RR1********RU received in 12 days

I am very pleased with the work of postal services, the consistency of the work of the Russian Post and Azerbaijan Post services. Everything arrived ahead of schedule and safe and sound. Thank you.

— 27th of June, written by mryamkazimova

CL1********RU received in 12 days

Thanks for the delivery. I received my parcel in 12 days. My order arrived safe and sound. The tracking process was clear and detailed.

— June 10th, wrote naila79

RR1********RU received in 12 days

Tracking was very interesting, now I know which way the package gets. The parcel was delivered even earlier than I expected. Absolutely no damage, the contents are in perfect order. Thank you

— May 29, wrote vikula51

RR1********RU received in 15 days

The mail tracking function is simple and convenient to use. The parcel was delivered on time without damage. Great service.

— May 18, wrote miras2004

RB9********RU received in 12 days

everything is fine … the parcel arrived … received …. many thanks to all communication workers !!!!! bravo!!!!!

— May 12, wrote 9ubro8ina

VV5********AZ not received in 81 days

The insured letter by air was sent on 01/25/2022. Written application for search 11.03. 2022. No answer

— April 19, wrote elena125

CK0********DE received in 20 days

I received a well-preserved Parcel 20 days after sending it from a warehouse in Germany thanks to the excellent prompt assistance of the Support Service girls! The contents of the package “Back-UPS ™ Pro BR1600SI” turned out to be in excellent condition, fully functional in all Indicators! Parcel tracking at a high level! I express my gratitude to the Administration of the site and its employees! I wish you further growth and prosperity in your activities!

— 24 February, wrote Ruslan_Mustafa

EE1********RU received in 19 days

Thank you, I received the letter, but there was a problem, there was no address of the recipient on the envelope, there was only a full name. Okay, I called the EMC service

— February 11, написал father5

S00**********86 received in 25 days

Ordered on 01/13/2022. Received at the post office on 02/07/2022. – 3.5 weeks for shipment of goods and delivery, and of them almost a week for customs clearance (expected delivery time – 03/14/2022). The parcel was tracked. Did not communicate with the seller. For some reason, I had to make a customs declaration for this product and pay an additional 21% duty. (Usually, all issues with customs are resolved on the side of the seller – the first time this has happened for this cheap product). I wrote this question to the seller – I’m waiting for an answer. Packaging is the usual “pimple”. The product exactly matches the description. The product was delivered without damage. The product looks normal – I’ll see how it will withstand the southern summer (I previously ordered similar holders of a slightly different configuration, after a year the plastic dries out and becomes brittle). I recommend the product and the seller. Rated 4 due to customs problems.

— February 10, wrote judovlad

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