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About Me : Hi,I am Intaj Mondal.I am the admin of this blog.Right now I am Level 1 freelance service provider on Fiverr. You can check my Fiverr profile

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Why am I offering this course ?  I have seen people from India they pay huge amount in dollar to learn WordPress and website.Because most of the platforms accept only dollar not Indian currency.Therefore,its very expensive to learn and start a simple website for Indians.

Here,you can learn all aspect of WordPress with me live.I will teach and clear all confusions and questions.I believe no one will teach you live for each single candidate separately.

Course Overview : 

  • WordPress Course Duration – 4 hrs (I will continue until you learn properly )
  • Course fee – INR 999 (you can’t find this price anywhere)
  • Teaching method – Live on screen (Remotely)

Topics covered – 

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • WordPress installation,
  • Email setup
  • Plugin installation,
  • Post writing,
  • SEO
  • Theme integration
  • Security,
  • Https (SSL)
  • Monetization,
  • Google adsense integration
  • WordPress maintaining,
  • Earning opportunity and more

Payment : You can instantly pay for the course or you can first chat with me via Whatsapp (8158069489) .

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

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